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Help! Best / easiest way to advertise a promotion?

(SaskiaN) #1

Ok, it’s not actually a promotion. For very personal reasons, I will be donating a percentage of each sale this month to a charity. Is there an easy way to announce this without having to edit each listing? I have a long explanatory schpiel, but is there a way I could have one sentence with each listing and the longer piece (see below) somewhere in my info? I just don’t want to faff with all my listings now and then have to undo it again come May. Thanks!

The long explanation:

April 17 is World Haemophilia Day.

Haemophilia is a genetic condition that affects the blood’s ability to clot. Haemophiliacs are at risk of spontaneous internal bleeds that can be fatal, as well as joint bleeds that can cause long term damage. Although treatment has greatly improved, there is still no cure.

Because of this, during the month of April, I am donating 15% of the purchase price (not profit!) of any orders made through my Folksy shop to the UK Haemophilia Society.

So go ahead - have a look at shop, see if there’s anything you fancy! Don’t feel limited to what you see- these items are for sale, but are also examples of what I can make. I do lots of custom work! Message me and we can discuss what you want.

For more information on Hemophilia, please visit:

The fine print: For any orders placed between 1-30 April, inclusive, I will donate 15% of the price you pay for your item (not including P&P). Items do not have to be delivered by the end of the month - just orders placed.

(Roz) #2

You could add a sentence to your shop banner maybe. You could even change you shop banner for the month to be a text banner so it is nice and obvious.

(SaskiaN) #3

ooh - I like the idea of adapting my banner! That would probably be the easiest way. Thank you!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #4

Good luck with your fund raising :slight_smile: x