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Help with baby shoe sizes

(Roz) #1

Help. I have made some baby felt slippers but they were moulded on a life-size (?) dolls feet. The problem is that I have no idea what size they equate to. The insole measures 12cm (4.75") at the longest point but all the charts I can find relate to the length of the feet not the shoe. I’m assuming some space is required for growing room but not sure how much to allow for. Does anyone here make shoes and have any measurements I should work to? Any help greatly appreciated.

(Rachel) #2

Roz what about this

or there is a conversion chart on eb** ?

(Donna) #3

You could measure the dolls feet and work out the size from there Roz :smile:
They are very very cute and are making me feel quite broody lol

(Sasha Garrett) #4

My neighbour has a new born and a toddler so lots of shoes in a multitude of sizes - I can pop round with a ruler and get the toddler to measure them all for you if you like.

(Roz) #5

Thank you Sacha - that is a kind thought. I have actually now made a removable plastic insole which I thought I might take to a shoe shop and have a sneaky measure that way - Thanks anyway :smile:

Thanks for the link to the chart Rachel @Glehcar but all the charts refer to the size of the feet rather than the shoe.

Donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts when I used the dolls feet as a mould I made them quite tight so they wouldn’t leave any growing room - Having said that I guess I could measure them and go a size smaller.

(Plumporridge) #6

Sorry, I have no idea about sizes, but just want to say they are so cute!