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Help with my Pinterst account

Every now and then I like to change the cover photo for each board I’ve created.

However I’ve just tried to do that but something is different it doesn’t show me the change cover photo option any more.

Anyone know how to do it now its changed???

I had the same problem and couldn`t work it out.
Hope someone has the answer :confused:

@EileensCraftStudio when you click on one of your boards does it look like this
If so you’ll see an edit button right at the top corner and you should be able to do it that way.

Thank you Pauline for you help. :smile: I managed to move one of images up a bit by the edit button

Then I used the move button and although the image was the top image it didn’t save it as the cover image.

I then went back to edit and saved it there via the Change cover.

What a long winded way compared with the way I used to be able to do it.