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Help with pricing custom logo design

(Mr Turtle) #1

Hi everyone, I design and hand draw custom made logos but I’m having problems working out a price for it. Some people say I price too low and they think it won’t be a good quality at that price and some people say it’s too high and go to vistaprint. How much would you be willing to pay for a custom logo design? Thank you for reading :smiley:

(Christine Shephard) #2

It’s the same problem we all have - you should calculate your costs/time and add a small profit to ensure your business grows. There will always be people who want cheap, and other people who want quality - it’s up to you to decide which segment of the market you want to aim for and price accordingly. It also depends whether you want to work for peanuts or earn a decent living from it.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I agree with Ciesse, it’s not a question of how much would someone be willing to pay, it’s more a question of how much your costs/time and a bit of profit come to!

(Lorna Soar) #4

I’ve bought them in the past and I go for the look even before I see the price. I’d pay up to £15 probably for a banner set.

(Mr Turtle) #5

Thanks for replying, what do you mean when you say banner set?

(Lorna Soar) #6

On Etsy I bought a banner and two little ones , one which said ‘custom item’ and the other said shop closed or something. They all matched, as in they had the same design.

(Mr Turtle) #7

Oh I see. Have you ever bought a logo? Or if not, how much roughly would you want to pay for it?

(Lorna Soar) #8

I haven’t bought a logo, I would guess the price depends on whether you have the design already or the maker produces a design for you. I always thought it would be costly.

(Mr Turtle) #9

I see. When I do logos I create the design from a choice of 3-5 sketches then draw it up digitally with as many alterations as they want until it’s perfect. I do that for £17 - £20

(Lorna Soar) #10

That sounds very reasonable indeed! I woud definitely be interested in a logo very soon :o)