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Hey I'm new and need general advice!

(THElakotaLEGEND) #1

I’m new to this community switching it up a bit i’m a totally new seller and have quite a specialized product range that i plan on developing further! I’m excited but a bit lost and would greatly appreciate advice which would help me get my first sale! I tried Etsy but i like the smaller uk based community here. Any advice would be great on how to get your stuff out there and your experience such as how long did it take you to get a sale? or just general expectations of this site that i should be aware of?
Thank you :smile:

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Hi Emily, I’ve just had a look at your shop. Your items are very pretty, but you have 3 items listed, which will soon gte lost in the thousands of items available on this site. It’s best to have a bit more listed so that sellers have more choice.

If you can add further photos of your work (you can have 5 per listing) it will help, and you need to check your spelling and grammar on your descriptions. People like to be able to read clearly what they are buying.

We have 15 tags to use now, so you can add on to the ones you already have.

Good luck.

(Silvapagan) #3

I think you might want to swap your name with your shop name, making your shop “The Lakota legend”. That would make more sense with the dream catchers than “Emily” which sounds more like a vintage lace or doll shop :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #4

welcome to Folksy…all of the above is good advice…
Keep adding items to your shop. If you walk past a high street shop and it always looks the same, you will stop looking, so it is good to always have something new added and then people will keep coming back for another look.
Sara is right too…a few punctuation and spelling mistakes need correcting. You need to impress people.
Your work is lovely.
Come on in and chat on the forums too, so that people get to know you.
Good luck.

(Kelly) #5

Welcome again to Folksy Emily @THElakotaLEGEND.x :smile:

(THElakotaLEGEND) #6

Right, i didn’t even know that possible, i thought it was a little weird having my name there :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!
All your advice is great, i know my shop is small I’m making on the go and so therefore it will be a slow growth but I am enjoying the process there will definitely be more items added in the near future. And i will check over the grammar :slight_smile: thank you for all your honest comments they’re all very useful.

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(Camilla) #7

Hi Emily.

Welcome to Folksy! As @silvapagan suggests, it might be worth changing your shop name to The Lakota Legend, so it matches your user name (and the URL of your shop). It’s a good idea to fill in your ‘About Me’ section and make sure you mention ‘dream catchers’ in there - it’s a place to tell people more about you, what you do and the inspiration behind your business.

It could also be good to include the words ‘hand-crafted’ or ‘handmade’ in all your titles and descriptions to help people find them when they look on Google. Try to make all your descriptions different so they don’t repeat the same content, and give dimensions in cm as well as inches.

I have added one of your dream catchers to the Gifts for Teens guide - you can see it here

Good luck with your sales, and let us know if you need any more help.