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Hobbit Home to be taken down

(Astrid Huxham ) #1

Oh and one more about this hobbit home. Thought it might catch your interest, Astrid.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

It’s lovely but why oh why didn’t they apply for planning permission before building it. Surely no one spends that amount of money on a ‘home’ without first making sure they’ve all the correct paperwork?

(Jan Ryan) #3

That’s a shame.
It’s a lovely house and I for one would love to live there, it’s a pity they didn’t get planning permission at the outset. I wish them luck with their battle to keep their home.

(Astrid Huxham ) #4

Well thats what I dont get. It is such a pretty home. I would have applied.

(Astrid Huxham ) #5

It doesnt make real sence that they built it without getting permission to build it…I love the bedroom.