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Homepage tags and themes for November - find the list here

Homepage themes for November

Here are the homepage themes for November. We’ve tried very hard to include something for everyone - hopefully we’ve managed it!

If you have items that fit the theme, just add the tag (as listed) to your listings on Folksy and they will automatically appear on our homepage that day. Remember only to tag products that are relevant though please. If you have any questions, just ask.

You can find more information about the theme of the day and how the tags work here

Day Theme Tag
Fri 1 Nov Dazzling Deer deer
Sat 2 Nov Day of the Dead day of the dead
Sun 3 Nov Cosy Knits cosy knit
Mon 4 Nov Movember moustache
Tue 5 Nov Bonfire Night fireworks
Wed 6 Nov Jolly Funny Christmas Cards funny christmas card
Thu 7 Nov Hug a Bear Day bear
Fri 8 Nov Hurray for Houseplants houseplant
Sat 9 Nov Escape to the Mountains mountains
Sun 10 Nov Burnt Orange burnt orange
Mon 11 Nov Remembrance poppy
Tue 12 Nov Blackbirds blackbird
Wed 13 Nov Christmas Countdown christmas countdown
Thu 14 Nov Self Care self care
Fri 15 Nov Folk Art folk art
Sat 16 Nov Button Day button
Sun 17 Nov Llama Love Llama
Mon 18 Nov Country Cottage Style country cottage
Tue 19 Nov Personalise That Tree personalised decoration
Wed 20 Nov Topaz topaz
Thu 21 Nov Heirloom Gifts heirloom
Fri 22 Nov Hibernate hibernate
Sat 23 Nov Stocking Fillers stocking filler
Sun 24 Nov Pom Poms pom pom
Mon 25 Nov Handmade Pottery handmade pottery
Tue 26 Nov All Wrapped Up christmas gift wrap
Wed 27 Nov Lancashire Day lancashire
Thu 28 Nov Curl Up With A Hot Water Bottle hot water bottle cover
Fri 29 Nov Rainbow Friday rainbow
Sat 30 Nov St Andrew’s Day made in scotland


I’ved tried to see what there is for us woodturners but sadly I can’t see a single tag to help our sales, even though last week of Nov is national tree week this did not make the list, small wonder many turners give up on here.
very disappointing

There might not be anything in November, but in the past week there’s been “candle”, “clock” and “toadstool”, which are all tags you’ve got items for. There might not be something specific to your craft every month, but there are a lot of crafts out there, there aren’t enough days to fit everyone in!

Plus, remember a lot of these tags are picked from the suggestions we give Folksy, so make sure you add to the suggestions thread at the end of the month if you think of any good tags that would work well for promoting woodturners (and if it links well to a particular day/month, make sure you mention it).


Not much there for me. I suppose I’ll try my suggestions again next month, perhaps I left it too late…

Hi there, this looks great. I’m new here and it seems very friendly and supportive. I have one item that fits this theme and I’m looking forward to taking part.

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Hi Christine. Your suggestions were great and I definitely want to use Arts and Crafts but I’m going to have to save it for January. I thought ‘Country Cottage Style’, ‘Heirloom Gifts’ and ‘Stocking Fillers’ (for your magnet sets) might all be relevant for you?


Thanks for the suggestions, Camilla.

just checking - for Lancashire Day, will it pick up lancashire from location, or do we need to put it as a tag?

Unfortunately locations aren’t searchable on Folksy (maybe one day), so you’ll have to add it to your tags.

What about ‘stocking fillers’ for your little earring dishes or pincushions (some of us grown-ups still do Christmas stockings!), ‘hibernate’ for your candle holders, or ‘country cottage style’ for lots of your lovely native wooden things! :slight_smile:

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And ‘heirloom’ too @bluebellwoodturning.

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