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Homepage Themes and Tags for January 2019!

(Roz) #21

I notice there is a woolly tag on the 18th - as everything in my shop is made of wool would it be unreasonable to tag all of it (or at least until I get bored!) or would it be wrong to have so many items up for inclusion? Perhaps a question for you Camilla @folksycontent

(Kim Onyskiw) #22

I think it’s fair as it’s a tag that describes all your items, and you already seem to have the word “wool” in some way on all of your items, it’s just rewording it a little.

Even if you tag all your items I don’t think it should overwhelm the front page with you as it picks a random selection (and if it did show only your items I think Folksy would need to rework it so you always get a mix of shops).

(Joy Salt) #23

However I look at all my listings I cannot find a way to justifiably tag any of my glass but I think you are perfectly entitled so get tagging :slight_smile:

(Roz) #24

I can see your problem Joy @JOYSofGLASS - shame you havent got any sheep!

(Joy Salt) #25

I’ve got a pig …or would that be woolly thinking :hugs::hugs:

(Camilla) #26

I think it’s fine to tag any woolly products with “woolly”, Roz. As long as they are genuinely woolly then it’s not a problem at all!

(Joy Salt) #27

I thought I would tag my penguin for today’s arctic theme but Googled first and was told quite categorically that there are no penguins in the Arctic. :cry:

(Mandy Williams) #28

I tagged a pair of socks with ‘arctic’ this morning and it didn’t get picked up. As soon as I tagged it with a capital A ‘Arctic’ it was instantly included.
The list above does show arctic in lower case so is that a fault? I’ve done other searches on Folksy in lower case and that works fine as far as I can tell.

(Kim Onyskiw) #29

Yep, all in the south of the world. Will need antarctic next time!

You just made me check though and I realised my arctic fox was missing. That confirms you definitely need the tag word alone and not part of a longer tag.

@sockysocks I just added “arctic” in and it worked fine for me with the lowercase a.

(Mandy Williams) #30

That’s odd. Someone else I know on Folksy had the same issue as me, not included until she changed it to capital a. Thanks for trying it yourself though.

(Kim Onyskiw) #31

It’s been a few hours since you mentioned it though, so maybe they fixed it between then and me trying it.

(Camilla) #32

It shouldn’t make a difference if it’s lower or upper case Mandy. Could it be an accidental mis-spelling? Or it could also be because the tags won’t necessarily update on the servers straight away. I think our whole system does an update every 30 minutes or so, and caches all the new tags, which means it could just be that when you added the tag the second time you caught that update?

(Joy Salt) #33

Camilla that is my experience. A little time lapse between adding the tag and it being reindexed.

(Mandy Williams) #34

Perhaps it was a mis-spelling. Certainly not a time delay as I went out for 3 hours and changed it to upper case then. Once changed it appeared immediately in the list, that’s why I thought it was because of the capital letter. My friend must have mis-spelt hers too. Nice to know that it can be all in lower case. Thank you!

(Homegrownhats) #35

Hello Camilla, ive found that a few of my tagged items have been missed…all lower case? I tagged my approproate items as soon as this list was published so its not a lagging reindexing issue. Should all items tagged get picked up or a selection?

(Camilla) #36

Hmmm, it could be that there’s a bug. All items should be included in the tag page if they’re tagged with that exact word or set of words, although they might not all appear on the homepage - and it shouldn’t be dependent on the case. Have you got an example that we can have a look at to see what’s happening?

(Homegrownhats) #37

Yes, for example Id tagged garnet for my red velvet cloche but it didnt come up at all

(Joy Salt) #38

But it does. If I search ‘garnet’ then it is there but it’s on page 7. If I search via the actual garnet tag then it is also there, on page 6.

(Homegrownhats) #39

I can’t remember the actual garnet tag day… I checked on the day itself and tbh thats what you want is to be there on the front page or scrollable on the actual Themes and Tag day. Thanks for looking Joysof Glass for me… If you search garnet now my lovely hat appears but it certainly wasnt on the day itself! I shall check my other tags on the day and get back if they are missing…

(Kim Onyskiw) #40

You get a different set of results with search, such as now the theme “crow” has 107 results, but a search for crow has 181 (because general search will include titles, description, shop names…). But yes, clicking on the crow tag shows the same number as the theme, so I guess that’s the one we need to check for showing up (I’d not tried doing that before).

I can see @Homegrownhats hat in the tag search now too, I guess Folksy will probably need one that currently isn’t showing up to try and work out what’s wrong.