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Homepage Themes and Tags for January 2019!

(Christine E.) #41

How is this actually working? Some people seem to be tagging things that have nothing to do with Aquarius! And there were so many blackbirds, rooks, jackdaws and ravens masquerading as crows yesterday :grin:

(Kim Onyskiw) #42

I must admit I do tend to tag my rat things with mouse too, because although I can tell the difference, if I’m at a fair I will hear people call them mice a lot more than rats, so I guess there must be some people out there, when they search “mouse” they’ll actually be happy with anything rodenty.

I can understand all the garnets and amethysts as birthstones, apparently turquoise is the planetary stone (whatever that is) and colour for Aquarius, haematite seems to be another not main stone but still sort of counts… that covers most of what I can see, although there’s still a couple I can’t quite get the link to.
I think if it’s not completely obvious why you’ve used a zodiac tag, you should probably write a little explanation in the description.

(Roz) #43

It is possible to accidentally tag an item incorrectly especially if you use the copy listing feature. I have often copied a listing only to go back later and find some of the tags are wrong - eg. Its tagged blue scarf when in fact it is red because the listing I copied was a blue scarf! I expect there are some that are trying to pull a fast one but not all :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #44

I just checked and 7 out of 8 were valid if you accept both turquoise and amethyst as associated birthstones. The 8th was a bit iffy but think as Roz says above it could be a copied tag from a similar thing, different stone.
. I really like this front page feature, gives an ever changing theme and can tolerate a bit of poetic licence…

(Christine E.) #45

I’m going to tag my turquoise things :grinning:

(Joy Salt) #46

I’m off to look for Kingly things for tomorrow :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

oooh there are very few things tagged as King at the moment. My penguin is cos it’s a King Penguin. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Helen Healey) #47

I’m glad the turquoise link to Aquarius has been explained because I did wonder!

To be fair, ravens, rooks and jackdaws are part of the crow family. Blackbirds however… well, that is a bit of a stretch!! :rofl:

Most days I’ve spotted the odd one or two that seem to be tagged with a theme to which they have no relevance whatsoever. On the whole though, I think it’s working well and I think it’s a fantastic feature. I’ve been busy this weekend making a couple of things I’ve had on the back burner for months but been prompted to actually get on with because they fit an upcoming theme, so it’s good as a motivator!!

(Kim Onyskiw) #48

You probably need a bit of poetic licence with some of them or there’ll be no listings to show! I can’t imagine there are many items that are obviously a fireside, but there may be plenty that belong on one.

@PocketfulCreations Yes, I’d probably count rooks as close enough, but blackbirds is a bit much :laughing:

It’s also helpful for coming up with tags, I never considered twilight for all my dusk pictures until I saw the theme. I hope February’s get announced soon so we can start planning (definitely agree about the motivation).