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Homepage Themes for January 2020 - find the list here

Here are the Themes of the Day for January – sorry for the delay. Hopefully there’s something for everyone.

To appear in the theme of the day on our homepage, add the EXACT tag to your items on Folksy. Please make sure you only tag relevant items though or it spoils the theme. If you’re not sure what the Theme of Day is or how to take part, this article should help

Day Theme Tag
Wed 1 Jan Turn over a new leaf leaf
Thu 2 Jan Plans for 2020 planner
Fri 3 Jan Veganuary vegan
Sat 4 Jan Northern Lights northern lights
Sun 5 Jan Snowdrops snowdrop
Mon 6 Jan Garnet garnet
Tue 7 Jan Liberty print liberty print
Wed 8 Jan Tableware tableware
Thu 9 Jan Frost frost
Fri 10 Jan Seals seal
Sat 11 Jan Ear warmers ear warmers
Sun 12 Jan 1st birthday 1st birthday
Mon 13 Jan Lavender bags lavender bag
Tue 14 Jan Feed the birds bird feeder
Wed 15 Jan Arts and Crafts style arts and crafts
Thu 16 Jan Slow living slow living
Fri 17 Jan Ceramic jewellery ceramic jewellery
Sat 18 Jan Winnie the Pooh Day collectable bear
Sun 19 Jan Etchings etching
Mon 20 Jan Brew Monday cup
Tue 21 Jan Red Squirrel Appreciation Day red squirrel
Wed 22 Jan Gloves gloves
Thu 23 Jan Valentine gift ideas valentine gift
Fri 24 Jan Winter trees winter trees
Sat 25 Jan Year of the Rat rat
Sun 26 Jan Big Garden Birdwatch garden birds
Mon 27 Jan Wood carving wood carving
Tue 28 Jan Handmade Dolls dolls
Wed 29 Jan Tree of Life tree of life
Thu 30 Jan Snow days snow
Fri 31 Jan Vintage style vintage style


Thank you, there’s at least 6 or 7 here that I can use, so I’m very pleased! xxx