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Homepage themes for July - find the list here

Thank you for all your suggestions for our homepage themes. Here’s the list for July. Remember to add the tag as given below to any relevant items in your Folksy shops. If you’re not sure how the tags work or how to add tags to your listings, this article explains all -

Day Theme Tag
Monday, 1 July Ruby ruby
Tuesday, 2 July Thank you Teacher end of term
Wednesday, 3 July Graduation Gifts graduation
Thursday, 4 July Stars & Stripes america
Friday, 5 July Picnic picnic
Saturday, 6 July Tour de France tour de france
Sunday, 7 July Geometric patterns geometric pattern
Monday, 8 July Suncatchers suncatcher
Tuesday, 9 July Country Style country style
Wednesday, 10 July Hanging Planters hanging planter
Thursday, 11 July New Baby new baby
Friday, 12 July Christmas in July christmas decoration
Saturday, 13 July Mustard Yellow mustard
Sunday, 14 July Bastille Day france
Monday, 15 July St. Swithin’s Day weather
Tuesday, 16 July Paisley paisley
Wednesday, 17 July Beach Bags beach bag
Thursday, 18 July One of a Kind one of a kind
Friday, 19 July Meadows meadow
Saturday, 20 July Rainbows rainbow
Sunday, 21 July Cyanotype cyanotype
Monday, 22 July Tassels! tassels
Tuesday, 23 July Leo lion
Wednesday, 24 July Highland Games scotland
Thursday, 25 July Sunflowers sunflower
Friday, 26 July Seagulls seagull
Saturday, 27 July Statement Earrings statement earrings
Sunday, 28 July Nautical nautical
Monday, 29 July Sewing Kits sewing kit
Tuesday, 30 July Circus circus
Wednesday, 31 July Beach Huts beach huts

Here is a graphic you can download too so you can have a copy of all the tags and themes to hand…


Great thanks, have saved that on my desktop x

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This is so useful. Thanks!! :blush:

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And busy adding Christmas stuff for the Theme on the 12th!! :christmas_tree::exploding_head::see_no_evil:

Just found out about this! I’ve added a few nautical tags on to my blue and white plant hangers - hope that’s ok!

Any idea when Aug’s list will be released? :sun_with_face:

The suggestions thread just went up today, so I imagine they’ll need a couple of days to gather everyone’s thoughts.

Suggestions for August tags for homepage themes


Today’s theme still seems to be nautical…which was yesterdays.
What happened to ‘sewing kits’ ? @folksycontent

It should be sewing kits, Kim! Not sure what happened there. Hopefully it’s fixed now.