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Homepage 'Themes of the Day' for February - find the Feb tags here

(Camilla) #1

Here are the Themes of the Day for February, so you can get planning and tagging!

If you’re not sure how the homepage themes work or how you can get your products included, this article explains all

We’re a bit short on items for Cupid, so please do add your bow & arrow / love-related items to that one… and tag any other items in your shop with the words or phrases listed below. There’s no limit to the number of items you can tag, as long they are relevant! If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile:

PS. The small turquoise jar with a little gold embossed heart pictured is by Sejal Ceramics - isn’t it gorgeous?

Day Theme Tag
Friday, 1 February Love Hearts love heart
Saturday, 2 February Daffodils daffodil
Sunday, 3 February Amethyst amethyst
Monday, 4 February Cupid cupid
Tuesday, 5 February Year of the Pig pig
Wednesday, 6 February Gather the rose of love rose
Thursday, 7 February Embroidered by Hand hand embroidered
Friday, 8 February Valentine’s Day Cards valentines day card
Saturday, 9 February Love Birds love bird
Sunday, 10 February Engagement Rings engagement ring
Monday, 11 February Magenta magenta
Tuesday, 12 February Toadstools toadstool
Wednesday, 13 February Best Friends best friend
Thursday, 14 February Valentine’s Day valentines day
Friday, 15 February Tweed tweed
Saturday, 16 February Dyed by Hand hand dyed
Sunday, 17 February Hedgehogs hedgehog
Monday, 18 February Fruity! fruit
Tuesday, 19 February Pisces pisces
Wednesday, 20 February Miniatures miniature
Thursday, 21 February Violet violet
Friday, 22 February Beautiful Bowls bowl
Saturday, 23 February Handmade Home handmade home
Sunday, 24 February Primrose primrose
Monday, 25 February Fabulous Fish fish
Tuesday, 26 February Tote Bags tote bag
Wednesday, 27 February Polar Bear Day polar bear
Thursday, 28 February Blossom blossom

(Helen Healey) #4

I love this feature! There are quite a few themes here that fit with ideas I’ve had on my to-do list and not got around to yet, so it’s a great motivator to get my backside in gear and actually do them!

(HeidiMeier) #5

This is really useful as a general tag checking session too - for example, I have a Polar bear picture who when I looked at the tags to check I did actually have Polar Bear tagged, I realised I had the tag ‘jungle animal’ also included :joy::joy::joy:

(Kim Onyskiw) #6

Thanks for the advance warning, it’s given me a few ideas for new things so I better get painting (and making sure all my tags match properly).

(Debby Coatham) #7

Ooh exciting this time, I can actually include a few, hand embroidery and so on, hopefully may get afew bits noticed. The list is quite varied so hopefully it will cover most people for one or two listings as least…very good !

(BrambleandBurt) #8

Yey thanks @folksycontent loving the Themes for February, I haven’t been able to use any of the tags for January as none were really relevant for any of my card designs . . . but lots are next month, especially hand embroidered, hedgehogs and love hearts :two_hearts:
I have however loved seeing everyone else’s makes and discovered loads of new items and sellers! :heart_eyes:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #9

This is such a brilliant idea. Keeps my eye on the tags. Love it xx

(junemccabe) #10

Where do we actually list the items, and where do we put the tag? Derrr… I know, me again :slightly_frowning_face:x
I’ve read the link on it , but still none the wiser and it looks fun!xxx

(Kim Onyskiw) #11

Just list an item as normal (or edit an existing one), and in the section where you can put 15 tags, that’s where you need to write it. You have to make sure you write it exactly as it is in this list though, because “red love heart” won’t show up under “love heart”, and “daffodils” won’t show up under “daffodil”.

Once it’s saved in your tags, the system should automatically pick it up (although there may be a slight delay).

(junemccabe) #12

Lovely, thanks, I get it now! Just sounds quite inspirational. Thanks again xx

(TheUbiquitousStitch) #13

What a great idea Wishing we had checked at the beginning of the month but will keep checking in

(Kim Onyskiw) #14

@folksycontent Are we not doing suggestions for March?

(Sweet Pea) #15

I am a bit disappointed. I managed to shoehorn a few of my bags into yesterday’s tote bag theme (first theme that has been relevant for me) & checking the stats, I did not even get one view! Well, I lie… I got one solitary view but it was not from Folksy!

It makes me think I must be doing something wrong, & perhaps I am deluded with thinking my products have value.

Are the daily themes generating sales for others?

(Kim Onyskiw) #16

I’ve managed to fit quite a few daily themes now. Generally it increases the impressions on those items, but they don’t really get more than 1-3 clicks and so far no sales.

(Countrycream) #17

Great set of themes brilliant for ideas some already match my items . March is here so my theme is March Hares , I have them featured on my vintage style sandwich platters :heart_eyes: