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How can I show my identity when posting in the forums

I’ve posted in the forums a couple of times and been identified just as SilverTree Jewellery Design. I thought it was because I was new. Today though I’ve opened my shop and it’s not made a difference. I’m identified the same and unlike other posters, there’s no link to my shop.

I’d rather be show as me - Karen Cooper - with my photo and a link to my shop. Is there a setting somewhere I should be adjusting??

I’ve seen other people suggesting logging off and back on again when others have had this/similar problem.

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If you log out of the forums and back in again then the link to your shop should magically appear. As to the rest, if you click on the S icon in the top right hand corner of your screen you can go in to settings and tell it your name and upload a photo and description and allsorts.

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Thanks - I followed both bits of advice! I’ve changed my settings and logged out and back in again and my face, name and shop have magically appeared :0)