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How did you learn your craft?

(Iguana49) #62

Your felted creations are beautiful, and it is always encouraging for me to hear that someone on Folksy is self-taught.

(Iguana49) #63

Just had a look at your shop, I absolutely love it, especially all those imaginative tea cosies!

(Yvette ) #64

Thank you :smile: Iguana

(Jo Ross) #65

I am self taught crafter of which I started with quilting, then soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and eventually ended up learning how to fully reupholstering vintage Queen Ann Chairs complete with new coil springs ( a long project I might add!) I am new to folksy and have just opened my store ‘Simply Rosie’. I run my own Corporate Embroidery and Printing Company and have a personal passion for all things Vintage and Ecclectic Style. Any tips on a new store opening/ promotion and joining Folksy in general would be fantastic.

(20th Century Girl) #66

Most of my craft skills are self taught, then I usually try to get on a local course to make sure I am doing them properly! The only skill I went on a full time course to learn, Glass fusing, I haven’t followed up yet to make items to sell! I taught myself sewing in the 80’s by taking in my jeans to make ‘drain pipes’ (skinny jeans).

(20th Century Girl) #67

You tube is a brilliant teacher! But there are many awful videos too!

(Caroline White) #68

I started off sewing. When my daughter was very young I needed a creative outlet to be a bit more “me” so I taught myself to sew. Eventually I mastered free motion embroidery and spent many a happy hour designing and sewing simple doodled designs. I did sell them quite successfully for a while but then I kind of lost my mojo and needed to find something new.

I was inspired by a walk in the park, gathering twigs for “Christmas crafts” with daughter. I bought a few reels of wire, some glass beads and started doodling. No plan, no experience, no training, just tranferring my sewn designs into wire.

Gosh, I do ramble, don’t I?

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #69

Hi, Always loved candles , one evening we jus soaked some cotton in wax and poured some wax into a dish and burnt it, it was like wow !! Why don’t we make our own and sell them. Also being brought up on the middle of Dartmoor , which is a craft motivated hub they started to sell really well once we sourced were to get the wax and moulds from. I love making new different candles and am forever experimenting with new latex moulds etc… I try not to make them plain and boring and try to do different candles . Only really re started them this year after a long break and making the odd orders… I am looking at adding / doing another craft but not sure what yet !!!

(Carol Capaldi) #70

Hello! Im back on folksy after a break and its nice to see how its improved. Im doing a completely new craft with shabby chic mosaics with vintage crockery. Im self taught as with most of my crafts. Looking forward to seeing whats out there. All the best and I hope this is a good year for all of us!

enter link description here

(Suzie art) #71

Hi :raising_hand_woman: guys. How r u all. Iam new to folksy and it will be amazing to see and meet great people and so creative. When I was little my aunty used to crochet and I gave it go, but since she has gone I kind off stopped crochet for couple years. I started to crochet about 1year and half ago. I used to watch how to crochet on youtube . it is your best friend​:blush: you learn so much. Then I started to keep trying and learn more and more and I always challenge myself. What about you guys​:blush: I do paint :art:. Sometimes I love my hobby it just makes me happy and relaxed. :blush:

(Suzie art) #72

I love vintage nice stuff :blush:

(Suzie art) #73

I love candles always was wondering how to make them​:blush: you can add something new you love to do or you haven’t tried yet. You might be surprised it might be something amazing :blush:

(Suzie art) #74

I love your thinking. Its good that you have confident now just believe in yourself. Iam new to folksy but I love meeting seeing new creations its so nice to meet u :blush:

(Blue Bear Designs) #75

Hi, I’m new to Folksy and it’s taking me a little while to find my way around. It’s so nice to read everybody else’s stories and to find out what everyone’s inspiration is. When I was younger, I always wanted to be good at art but grew up thinking I was always doing it ‘wrong’. Only when I started teaching in primary school did I discover that there is no right or wrong way and that some people will like what you produce and some people won’t. I find making cards with glass paints really relaxing which is why I enjoy it so much; I’m a bit of a stress-head! :smile:

(Amberlilly) #76

I’ve always been a sewer. Started at school, long ago when it was called Needlework in primary school. Secondary School, I found I was quite handy at it. These days I would’ve probably had followed this as a career. But then, I was not at all academic and mum wanted me out getting job!

(Angela Harpham) #77

Hello Everyone

My mother taught me to knit, a teacher taught me to sew and embroider.

Adult Ed teachers taught me to work with textiles, batik, weaving, bookmaking paper-making.

Local courses in printmaking and loose watercolour inspired me.

A friend encouraged me to take do an access course in art and design where I combined skills I already had with new ones, especially printmaking and photography.

Online courses helped me develop my photographic skill base.

And books books books I love and am continuing to learn.

I enjoy combining my various skills to create a piece of art and love to learn new skills and at present I am teaching myself drawing on the iPad using a digital book.

(Gail Newman) #78

Hell everyone
I have always made things, a trait I picked up from my parents. Neighbours used to say 'if they can’t make it, bake it or mend it, it can’t be done! What a wonderful thing to hear. I recently gave up working as an Executive PA to concentrate on making a living from the crafts that I enjoy so much (thank you to my wonderful partner for his support). I am a bit of a ‘craft butterfly’ flitting from one project to the next. I hope eventually to settle down and concentrate on one style - watch this space!

(Angela Finch) #79

I made my first piece of jewellery on honeymmon. It was a cruise, on a sea day, in a free workshop. I then started making it as a hobby, gifts for everybody. I was made redundant, and started learning lots of new skills from books, TV and DVDs. I enjoy learning new things, and jewellery making has been an excuse for this.

(Sue Beacham) #80

I loved needle work at school, my teacher would get annoyed with me because I would run up a hipster skirt or dress in one session so that I could wear it that evening hahaha, my parents were not well off and making something in my senior school sewing days it ment I had something to wear at weekends and not have hand me downs to wear, sewing stopped after leaving school, I married young and concentrated on my marriage and having our two children, that was my life BUT
I started sewing recently after my husband bought me a sewing machine for our anniversary, I’m still practicing and enjoying it.

My painting, well I stared painting about 8 yrs ago whilst house bound being poorly with having a thyroid storm and developed Hashimoto’s disease, I suffer poor health but love to paint when I feel up to it, I learn all the time and I love and admire such skill and talent with my online work friends, learning from them. so really I wasn’t born with a talent, I started painting late 50s I am now nearly 62, I love listening to music whilst painting, so therapeutic and enjoying arts and crafts


(Ronald Koorm) #81

I started doing photography for a local authority many years ago . Over my career I have been fortunate to be asked everywhere I worked to take photographs for the employer, and well before digital photography existed.

I took advertising shots for company brochures, golfing day corporate events, equipment close-ups , even some weddings.
Royal Mail once asked me to take pictures of some of their premises to help them decide which to close down !
I had to use digital cameras taking thousands of pictures for clients of buildings and interiors, and a lot in theatres. I was never a professional photographer. Photography was just an essential tool to aid my job.

I specialise in colour abstracts, which I started before digital, and those who have seen them on my own website, don’t realise that many were from film cameras. Some have sold to America and Australia either as cards or prints.
Now experimenting with acrylic painting and hope to convert some of my designs to paintings, but that’s quite a challenge. Painting can be frustrating, but so rewarding when you get it right.