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How did you learn your craft?

(CatherineMayDesign) #145

Ever since I was little I have loved arts and crafts, but it was only when I was made redundent through closure of building I was working in ,that I really got into it. A lovely lady encouraged me to take up enameling and from there I got my own kiln, went on a course for silversmithing and just rolled from there. I am now at a position to dedicate more time to this since my family has now grown up, I now have a job at a local farm shop 4 days a week, thus giving me time to devote a couple of days in trying to be creative…I am hoping in time Folksy will prove sucsessfull for me so I can reduce the hours that I am doing at the farm shop.

(stephenallen1) #146

Hi Happy new year
Completely new to folksy ,here we go I have always been a wildlife artist from a young age so used to ups and downs in this buisness ,so on chance holiday to Canada 5 years ago came across folk painting on feathers ,all new to me so on returning home I started to practise feather painting .
So a few years on here I am trying online selling ,feather as a business is slow so I guess never be rich but I love it most take many hours to complete.
Well hope you find interesting and would be most grateful for any pointers I the right direction.

many thanks Steve

(Gabriella Szekely) #147

Hi everyone;
I am new to this site. I am following in the footsteps of a friend of mine who is already selling her art on Folksy.
I am self thought on making jewelry. I started by making some very simple items for myself out of Swarovski crystals as i didn’t want to pay exorbitant prices in the shops. From there I made a variety of different style pieces; but as of late I am getting the hang of wire wrapping more and more; each piece more intricate than the other. Of course watching others online how they make it gives me inspiration and allows me to develop in my craft.
I am also able to knit and crochet - which i have learned from my mum and in school - i very rarely make any items that re knitted; though I have also tried making earrings using a crocheted technique.
I am hoping to expand my shop and present more of my creations on here and join in with the local British made market.

(MercinianCrafts) #148

Hi there, just to say Hello from a newbie who is trying to learn the ropes for folksy.
I make and create all sorts of things. I started making socks because I got so sick of socks that were sticned together with a different yarn and went all wonky around the toes !! So I got out my granny’s needles and an old 1940’s pattern book and made a pair. Then everyone wanted a pair and I now sell them along side my paintings and other goodies.

Nice to meet you !

(Sue Beacham) #149

Hi Everyone

I recently opened my shop up again on folksy, I crochet baby dresses, miniature sun hats brooches, also I love painting, I sell my prints of original paintings, also some original, I love art deco ladies, you will see these in my shop I give free gifts from my shop with a purchase, these gifts you can choose your self from my free gift section. All my crafts and paintings in my shop I have made my self, mostly I’m self taught, sometime I watch tutorials and learn that way.

I live in Warwick in the Midlands and have sold my crafts in craft fair, some I have organised my self.

May I say, please look into my shop and promote me where you can, I will do my best to promote you also…If I buy online it will be from my Folksy online shops, there is soooo much talent out there and I believe in supporting my online folksy friends :cherry_blossom::slight_smile::sunflower:

Have a great day with lotvof sales dear friends :grinning::two_hearts:

(Sian) #150

Hi, I’m Sian the owner of giftwithlovebysian only been on here a few days. I sell handmade bags, quilts, cushions and lots more. I started off making nappy cakes, but since getting my mums old machine started sewing and embroidering. I love what I do, and love the fact I can be with my kids instead of at a “normal” job. I look forward in spending time with you all.

(Pauline Hayward) #151

I learnt to sew at school when I was 14 or so and did my GCSE exams in I think if I remember well was called domestic science (Please correct me if I’m wrong). I loved sewing and making things all the time and was always finding new hobbies to do including crochet. I then began to do cross stitch when I was a lot older. I was still doing this when I got married which came in very handy as I married into the army so it passed a lot of the days and weeks of been on my own and in a foreign country. The children then came along and still living abroad I decided to do a refreshers course in dressmaking which I made a few small items for my daughter. They grew older and I branched out a bit more and bought myself a small fancy dress business and did very well. I made a lot of costumes for that too. This then started me thinking about other things I could make. I had seen in a lot of the houses around me still in Germany, these lovely decorations hanging in windows especially around Christmas time. So off I went to the haberdashery and bought everything I thought I needed to make these. It took me about a week to get the hang on how to make my ribbon decorations but I finally got there and 20 years later I’m still enjoying making them and I also have gone back to using my sewing machine to make other items as well as my ribbon decorations.

(ArtDigiCreations) #152

Hi Guys, I am new here. Added one item a while back but have just uploaded a few more. I specialise in digital art. I have been doing so for a number of years. I’m kind of self taught through youtube, Online forums and more recently, skillshare.
I’d love it if people could check out my work and provide feedback.
Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

(Sue) #153

@ArtDigiCreations were not all ‘guys’ on here. Do you have a licence to produce copies of others peoples ideas? If so, you really should display it with pride :blush:

(Sue Beacham) #154

Good Morning

I’m Sue, this is a lovely thread, Im getting to know you all through your work :+1::bride_with_veil: I started painting age 56 yrs , I was house bound with illness and tried painting, I have a friend who paints in oils, so I was inspired by her to have a go, I now paint in acrylic mostly and I enjoy painting surreal poppies, whimsical children’s and funny cute animals, cats mainly…from my painting I became creative and now I try all kinds of crafts, sewing, needle felting, pen ink art, crochet knitting…I’m 64 now and still have health problem and I’m limited in what I can do but I remain happy positive and I have Joy at heart, this is due to my craft work, I love to give, so a lot what I make go to charity shops, to help those in need, I give to family and friends and I always give surprise gifts to my customers when they buy from my shop, I don’t gain to much money but what I do get from selling is and inner Joy of heart when someone buys my items in my shop…for me, its not so much the money, I just earn enough to buy more materials for my craft work…
I have done a give away on here and will be doing more, I’m thinking of doing a new thread of giving a give away and naming it " Susie Joy Of Giving " where I give a gift and all you have to do is, come to the thread, say that you want the gift and I put your name in a box, my husband will pull out a name of the winner who gets the free gift…I will announce the give away on a Monday and draw out the name of the persons shop on Friday… What do you think,

I will do this once a month, I will do a give away next Monday 22nd May and announce the winner on Friday…all you need to do is come to the thread and just say you would like the gift and your name will go into the box, the winner will be announced on the following Friday, I then announce the winner on the thread…:two_hearts::+1::bride_with_veil: let’s give it a go Monday 22nd :grin:,


(solislunaart5) #155

Hello! I’m a new seller on Folksy; I’m an Ecology student at the University of Sussex with a passion for art and nature and thought I’d share my love of art, nature and painting my own clothes for a unique style - I already use Etsy but haven’t made much progress so far! I absolutely love art and try to create as much as I can whilst studying for my degree and as a student, I need the extra cash and am trying to save up to go travelling in the summer! I’d really appreciate it if you guys could check out my work and share it so I can start to hopefully sell more! I’d also really appreciate any tips for a beginner! Thank you so much, Solis Luna Art :slight_smile: :herb::sunny:

(Fizz Tapsell) #156

Hi everyone. I learnt a lot of the basic jewellery making myself from magazines and books but graduated from University for the Creative Arts about three years ago now. There I learnt a lot of new skills and how to better promote myself and my work. At uni I studied contemporary jewellery and was lucky enough to try a lot of amazing materials. By the time I got to my fine year I began to specialise in metalwork. Here are some pictures of my final projects from uni.

(Liz Edwards) #157


I’m Lizzi, owner of WeentKnits2. I love to knit as it brings back memories of my Mum who taught me how to knit.

We lived on a farm - life wasn’t easy for my parents with 4 young children to bring up. Mum knitted all our sweaters. It was fun and cosy sitting by the fireside and learning to knit. Sometimes, I would drop a stitch or something wouldn’t look quite right. I’d turn to my Mum in despair. She would patiently help me and show me where I’d gone wrong!

I love knitting and can either follow patterns or make up my own. Wool shops draw me like a magnet as I love playing with colours. In fact, many years ago I brought a Knitting Machine. I made school sweaters for the kids in the village where I lived. Hand knitting is more fun & probably easier. A bigger ‘plus’ for hand knitting is that you can sit and watch TV at the same time and I don’t need to worry about disturbing neighbours with the noise of a machine!

I haven’t stopped at knitting either. I have started to sew and my whim here is to make quilts as I enjoy patchwork. At the moment I’m sewing pet accessories. Working with different materials is a great learning curve. I’m constantly looking at tutorials on how to make various things. I have never had any professional training and believe that teaching yourself is the best way to learn!

(Carrie ) #158

Loved reading this, thank you& keep knitting!

(PinkJellyCrafts) #159

Hi, I do various crafts. I learnt mosaics through attending workshops in Cyprus, which also involved how to score and cut glass. Thereafter I read books, experimented and practised. I loved visiting Stitches craft shop on the other side of Limassol in Agios Tychonas and did a Macrame workshop there. My Mum showed me how to crochet when I was a child and then I revisited crochet by attending a knitting circle called Stitch and Share in Bury St Edmunds. The ladies there are very helpful and welcoming. Not only a good social but builds confidence in crochet skills. I purchased my very first book ‘200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans’ by Jan Eaton that helped teach me all the different crochet stitches. I ended up making a double throw. :sweat_smile: I went to a wet felting workshop at Blackthorpe Barns in Rougham and a needle felting workshop held at the Tickety Boo cafe in Thurston. Since then I have experimented and continue to learn. My friend taught me methods of Papercraft which I then bought some books to practice on. I’ve recently started fused glass which I find learning support from fused glass forums are helpful and the information sheets on the Warm Glass website and You Tube to be a great source. I do have a fused glass book and I also use Excel spreadsheet to work out and organise programmes for the kiln. Some skills are self taught and the more I create the more experience I gain and the more I learn and progress. Of course if there is cake involved whilst learning it helps :heart_eyes:

(MagicalMoments) #160

Have always enjoyed drawing from an early age and being creative. Completed a foundation course in art and design which helped with the drawing skills but really just experimented with watercolours and developed my style over the years. I take inspiration from other watercolour artists and use ideas I like in my own paintings.

(Allison Jill Reid) #161

I’m a patchwork quilter. Back in the 1970s I made several cushions using the English Paper Piecing technique described in the ‘St Michael Book of Handicrafts’. Decades later I returned to patchwork and discovered the craft had been updated. Accuracy and speed had improved with the introduction of rotary cutting, machine piecing and machine quilting. I was fortunate to learn these skills from two experienced patchwork quilters who belonged to a local group, North Hampshire Quilters. Since then I’ve been developing skills and experience by attending workshops, following patterns and using knowledge shared by others through their blogs and on You Tube. And, of course, I’ve been making, making, making!

(welshcoastcrafts) #162

hi, i learnt a little from my dad, but mostly self taught. most of the time i just see what its going to be when i start each craft. woodwork is in my blood, i love making things so much.

(NorthernLightsLampshadeDesign) #163

After the frustration of not being able to find what I wanted on the high street, I decided to teach myself, and my first lampshade materialised! After lots of attempts I realised there was a gap in the market and now create bright, colourful lampshades for all to enjoy!

(Gaynor Hale) #164

Mostly from my mother and gran . They made so much by hand and my mother made beautiful aprons from fifties and sixties . Happy memories attached to them so I always made my own aprons inspired by these . My gran knitted headbands for grandchildren too .