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How do I get people to see my products?

Hello all,

I’ve had my Folksy shop for over a year and a half but am really struggling with getting views and sales. I update my products regularly and use plenty of different photos and tags, as well as promoting on social media etc. I was wondering if anybody has any advice? Would really appreciate any help.

Many thanks! Heather

I had a quick look at your social media and it all links to your own website which is fine but if you want people to shop here you need to direct them here not there.
I’m not sure how many people are searching/ browsing this site for clothing like jumpers so you need to make sure you are catching all of them with your tags and description - now is not the time to skimp on superlatives you need to tell these people why they want your alpaca jumper rather than someone else’s wool jumper (warmer and softer from experience). You say to state size at check out but don’t give any indication as to what dimensions each size is and whether the article is supposed be form fitting or more loose fit ideal for layering, is it slouchy (ideal for lazing about the house etc etc - you need to sell the life style). No dimensions for the scarves either are they long and skinny or wide and snuggly. If people have never had alpaca knit wear before they might be put off by not knowing how to wash it/ care for it (this doesn’t have to be full washing instructions just something like ‘suitable for handwashing, full care instructions included with item’). Search bots like google can’t see the photos so it is worth describing the colours/ texture of the item in the description.
You can use multi word tags eg alpaca jumper as a single tag, its also worth including synonyms - one persons jumper is another’s sweater.
Good luck

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Hi Heather,

Just a few thoughts.

Your product is a luxury product and it rightly carries a high price tag (for a jumper). However, your brief descriptions don’t go into a lot of detail. I noticed that you mentioned in one that you spin the yarn yourself, which, as Sasha says, would appeal to a certain kind of lifestyle that also has lots of money to spend. You need to have more detail about all of your processes on all of your listings so that there is no chance that a prospective customer will miss it. You might also want to mention that Alpaca wool was the preserve of Inca princesses back in the day. I’m not sure if it was actually forbidden for ordinary folk to wear it, but it has always been considered luxury yarn.

Your photographs could also do with a bit of tweaking to bring out the best in your knitwear. I think that showing the jumpers on hangers is not very flattering to them as it makes them stretch around the neck and shoulders in a way they would not do if they were being worn. They would look much better being modeled by somebody, and it would be easy then to show how they look in different sizes. It would be nice to show them flat and also a close up of the yarn to see the texture. You could finish with some “work in progress” shots too.

I have favourited one of your jumpers in the hope that it will appear on the front page.

Sam x

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Thank you so much Sasha and Sam, I really appreciate both of you taking the time to give me such helpful and detailed advice!
I will definitely be taking it all on board - fingers crossed and all the best to both of you.

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