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How do I increase views?

I understand the use and relevance of tags and keywords and have tried to take these on board. But I have no views or traffic yo my shop. Would you be able to have a look and give me some feedback please, if possible? What else should I be doing?
Thank you so very much.

How do you promote your Folksy shop? I can see from your Facebook page you’re promoting your other shops so that’s where people will go to if they are interested in your work.

Taking a look at your shop:
I would look at filling in your “Meet the Maker” section of your Folksy shop - this tells people all about you, which is what makes handmade different to manufactured items.
A couple of listings I clicked on, there was no sizing as to how big the prints are. I’d also consider some “lifestyle” shots showing your image mounted and on a wall or frame on a bookshelf or similar that shows your art in use. This shows the potential customer how the artwork could look in their home.
Also when you look at your shop, the images were cropped (Folksy automatically crops square until you click on the time for sale) so some of the image will be chopped off the original. Maybe rephotograph so that it shows the whole image at first glance?

Your artwork is lovely, and your descriptions are good too! Have you looked at the Folksy blog sellers tips to get some help on marketing and using social media?

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You need to promote in as many places as you are able.

That means using social media sites such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+, wanelo, facebook, instagram

as well as in the showcase part of the forum and by word of mouth, business cards etc

hope that helps.

You titles don’t really help you. you need to put words in your titles that someone would put into a search box/engine same with your tags. No where does it say things like artwork, or print etc.

There’s on mention of size of print, what type of paper/card it’s printed on

hope that helps

Hi both, many thanks for your very useful feedback.
I will try and take some of these on board, and yes, I agree about framed photos, something that I really need to get sorted. I have mentioned paper and inks and such details, but yes size was missing! Thanks again for your time and comments.

Posting here has helped as I’ve looked at your shop and favourited it - your work is wonderful!

I find getting shop views takes some effort - putting yourself in other places on the net (ie social media) is a help, as well as posting here and generally being seen out and about online :slight_smile:

Lots of people have lots of advice online, but the simple hints given here are also very, very useful.