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How do you get more activity to your shop?

(K L jewellery designs) #1

Hello all,
I have just started my Jewellery shop and really don’t have a clue!! I’ve started with necklaces and hope to add more soon. But i really don’t know much about how you get more traffic to your shop. Is there things i can do regularly which would help me?
Would having a blog attached t my site work?
Any advice would be appreciated!
Thank You
Katrina Lucas

(Rachel) #2

Share, share and more shares, and download google analytical - not that I am an expert but I have been here for a year now and seems to work (sometimes) good luck and why dont you join the August Artisans thread. Rachel

(Pretty 'Mades' All in a Row) #3

The Facebook link you have on your shop is to Belfast School of Jewellery - I’m guessing this is you and you teach as well as sell items? I would update the ‘about’ page so it has your folksy shop link on and also talk about selling items. You have a good amount of likes and so by promoting your selling then you should get more interaction.

I am relatively new and have increased views via the facebook threads here on FolksyTalk and also via Twitter so maybe post on there and look at the other FB and Twitter pages on those threads.

I think it all takes time but I think ‘networking’ ,the best way of getting your name out there. Once it is then hopefully the ‘views’ will change into orders!

Good Luck!!

(K L jewellery designs) #4

Hi, thanks for the advice. I think i have updated my profile as you suggested. I do teach as well as sell and at the minute i need to work on the KL jewellery designs FB page before i want to get it out there but hopefully it will all be coming together soon!
I will check out the FB threads and def increase my networking starting with August Artisans as Rachel suggests.
fingers crossed!

(K L jewellery designs) #5

Hey Rachel,
Thanks for your reply, i will look into the google analytics. I didn’t realise you could share stuff so i will look into that also. But first i am gonna join the August Artisan thread.