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How event hosts choose stallholders

Well, well well I have heard it all now!:grin::grin:

I was sent an e mail from a ’ Christmas event’ that I didn’t get into last year asking if I wanted to apply again this year as those that were previously not accepted stood a chance this year. I had to get my booking application in with copies of insurance, pics etc by a certain date and then we would be told if we were successful. I sent everything off, waited, date went, I sent an e mail saying that I assumed I had not been successful as I hadn’t heard.

Then I had an e mail back saying that due to the amazing response of applications that they put everyone’s name in a hat and the name’s pulled out were the successful applicants!:grin::grin:

Never heard of that way of doing things, I am curious now to see what variety and quality of stalls they have!

Needless to say I won’t be applying next year!

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As an organiser of these type of events there is no way that myself and my team would risk our reputation on chance selection like that!

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Exactly my thoughts, I couldn’t believe it!

We tend to get a large amount of applications from franchises and such like ( Think Scentsy etc) which we need to weedle out. Our events are all about locally made products.


I usually prefer to apply to events which only focus on crafts/hand made products rather than ones which cater to franchises and charity stalls.

I may be wrong but I think with this one it may have been an excuse for my sake and they don’t want me as last year I applied in response to a request for stallholders, she sent me a booking form and then sent my cheque back saying she had too many, why send me a booking form?

She knows what I make as we have a mutual friend. We both make sewn items but different styles. So in a way I am annoyed that she even asked me this year to apply. She asked if I want to go on a reserve list, I can’t even be bothered to answer her as I am convinced I would never get a place and to be honest I don’t want one now. I am almost fully booked up every weekend up to Christmas now so that one will give me a chance for a rest and maybe I can get some folksy listings done!

Well I have never heard of such a system!!. To pick applications out of a hat is ridiculous. What would happen if they drew out 6 of the same products. I thought it was a first come first served with fairs, but maybe things have changed. I hope you have lots of sales at the ones you have booked.

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First come first served would also result in duplicate type stalls. I can only speak from our experience but we try our best to curate the best of local artists and products. We have limited spaces (never more than 23, sometimes only 16 - depending on time of year) and we try to ensure never more than 2 similar type products, the only exception is artists where to try to ensure that the styles are always different. It takes time to do this but for us it proves effective as the feedback we get from both customers and stallholders is always very positive.

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Last year l applied to a local company for a table at their fair, they liked my items and said they would get back to me, but did not. I have just tried again as they are on stall finder looking for crafters, so contacted them again, the reply was we will get back to you, Three weeks later no reply. I quite understand that they like a good variety of crafters, but what happened to old fashioned good manners. Decided l am just doing the fairs where people have invited me back from previous years.

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