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How many of you have been on the beach this summer!?

Just back from a short break at the seaside ( and reopened my shops )

lots of walks on dog friendly beaches and kite flying ( this sailing ship one was a gift from an Indonesian friend )

Anyone else like to share their beach break pics ?


Just back from the beach with our two. We try and take them at least once a week.
We rescued the little old grey one about 7 weeks ago, she loves the beach as it is soft on her paws.

Your Tom is looking so handsome!


he’s a bit of a poser LOL yours are lucky to have regular beach trips :slight_smile:


We were on the beach over easter, but my husband hates it. He hates sand. And is a general grump in close proximity to any time of sand. Haha.

I went to the beach on holiday in Amsterdam! I didn’t even know they had one. It was such a hot day and there was no shade what so ever. I didn’t even have my umbrella at the time


Not so much a beach but I went and camped in the Sahara in March and there was plenty of sand.


I live about 200 metres away from a beach and I hardly ever go on it. How terrible is that? Lovely views from every room in my house though. I love the place where I live and spend a lot of time outdoors around the harbour but the beach right by my house has 110 steps to get down to it.


Moonrise at my beach :slight_smile: I live about 5 minutes on foot from the beach. Do go there most days - drive along the seafront on my school run. Very lucky!


I’m very jealous of those of you that live right by the sea! I live in south Derbyshire. Coton-in-the-Elms (the place that is furthest from the sea in any direction)) is not that far away from us - about a 20 minute drive - so I’m a LONG way from the sea. My dream is to one day live by the sea and own a beach hut. Anyway we did go to Devon in May, so here’s a pic from that trip.

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