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How many votes are needed to make changes?

(Kate Green) #1

Just discovered ‘suggested features’ - being new I’ve found a couple or things that really need to change for folksy to work better for me! Hyperlinks for linking from one listing to another & list variations for offering more than one size or colour or price etc. How many votes are needed for things to be changed?!
Cheers Kate

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I think it depends on a number of things, like how much work would go into implementing the changes, how much it would cost, whether Folksy regard it as necessary etc. It normally says against the suggestion if it’s being considered or not and then eventually they get closed off as completed or sometimes as rejected.

(Little Ramstudio) #3

We’ve been asking for the ability to add variations for ages, think most of our votes have been used on that one!

(Leanne Woods) #4

We used to have hyperlinks within listings but unfortunately enough people must have been using it to link out of folksy that the ability was removed … it might not matter how many votes that one gets, we may never get it back again if people can’t play nice.

Variations would be very handy for a lot of people but if I remember rightly from a thread where admin chipped in, it would be a very involved piece of work and require a lot of time. The plus account in part covers some of the problem in that sellers can list all of their variations without breaking the bank, other sites charge per variation forcing sellers to either spend a lot or list only the most popular options.

But without being able to link to the other variations of an item within each description it can be a tedious job finding the colour/size/etc a customer is looking for.

One or the other would be handy for a truly well functioning shop, either variations within each listing or the ability to link directly to variations listed separately within the main shop.

(Roz) #5

I know Et** does variations but Ive never quite worked out how to use it as you can’t specify quantities of each variation. So if I have 4 different colours of an item, one of each colour, and list that I have 4 then theoretically someone could order 4 of the same colour. If I list that I have one then people are prevented from buying say two different colour variations…its a bit of a minefield and I suspect a lot of work to get it right so unlikely to happen soon! Fortunately with the plus account it isn’t an issue to me to list all the variations individually but I know thats not much comfort to those that don’t have it.