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How to Alter Shipping Invoice?



Is there a way to alter the Folksy invoice we send out with our orders. Just wondering if we can add our shop logo etc.

Thanks. Natasha x

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Not that I know of.

I can’t actually recall what an invoice looks like as a customer (it’s a couple of months since I bought anything on here), does folksy already pick out our profile pics or anything like that to append to the invoice?

(Christine Shephard) #3

If you create a template, you could print it onto the invoice by running it through the printer again. You just need to set it up to print on the blank bits of the Folksy invoice.

Alternatively, get some headed paper printed with your details and print the Folksy invoice onto that. Again, you’d have to set it up so it doesn’t overprint, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

( Carol ) #4

I don’t send invoices as the customer has already paid before I ship. I send the Paypal packaging slip but I copy the bits I want and paste them into a word document so I can edit it.

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(Diane Burton) #5

I also use the PayPal packing slip and you can customise that, I’ve added a brief Thank You’ and what to do if they need to return anything but you might be able to add a shop logo.

(Helen Smith) #6

You can indeed add a logo to the Paypal packing slip.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Folksy send the invoice via email when the customer pays.

I create my own delivery notes in a Word Document with bits I’ve copy and pasted from paypal and all mine have my official shop banner printed across the top of the delivery note. If there are washing instructions in my listing they are also copied onto the delivery note after the description of the item.
At the bottom of the Delivery Not is a hand written ‘thank you’