How to create a large clickable picture in your forum posts (old version, no longer works)

If you want to post a large picture of your work on the Folksy forums - that links back to that item in your shop , here’s a simple tutorial on how to do it.
It helps if you have your item open in a different tab to the Folksy forums, so you can go backwards and forwards between the two tabs easily
This is how I do it, but I believe there are different options (possibly for different devices or different browsers)

  1. Choose the topic that you want to reply to and hit the reply button. 2. choose the upload icon

  2. Copy your image address (from the image in your shop that is open in a new tab)

  3. Go back to the forums tab and choose - “from the web” button and paste your image address in the bar

  4. Press on the “show more” tab in the bottom right hand corner

  5. Go back to your image and copy the URL from the address bar at the top of the page:

  6. Copy the URL into the 2nd box

  7. Press Upload

  8. Then type anything else you want to say in the reply box and then press reply.

Hope this helps.


I can’t seem to edit this post now (maybe it’s too old) but the first instruction has now changed as the icon has now changed to a photograph icon:


It’s a Very useful tip to know - thank you!

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Hi @dotterypottery Thank you so much for this, unfortunately when I click on the upload icon, I don’t get the “show more” button, I cant see anything obvious I’m doing/not doing, any suggestions?


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Hi @BeauBooks - this is an outdated post now - here is a link to the updated version but it still doesn’t work for everyone x

How to create a large clickable photo in your forum posts

Thank you very much. I will try tomorrow.

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