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How to get in touch with guest customer

I’m wondering how to get in touch with a customer as they haven’t included a ring size with their order. I have actually sent them an email directly from my own email but I have a feeling it may have gone to their junk folder - unless of course they just haven’t seen it yet.The payment was through stripe and I didn’t get a notification ( I don’t know how to set this up as I can’t find it in settings!) so I can’t reply to that either - any ideas ?

thanks :blush:

To find your customer’s e-mail, log in to your Stripe account
then go to Payments on the left hand side of the dashboard and it should list all your customers who have paid via Stripe and their e-mail addresses.

To set up notifications, go to your profile (top right hand corner), scroll down to notifications and tick the box for notification of successful payment.

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This has happened to me a few times. People buy something that needs to be the right size or engraved with custom runes - and then they just never reply to any emails. Maybe a typo in the email, but it’s very frustrating just sending emails into a void.

Here’s where a messaging system on site could help. If they have typed in the wrong email at least they could then go to Folksy and see that you have been trying to contact them.

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… except if they haven’t got your email they won’t know you’ve been trying to contact them to go and look on Folksy … :slight_smile:

Is the email recorded on the Folksy Order the same as the email in Stripe (probably one is picked up from the other, but bears checking…). If the email was plain wrong, I’d expect it to have bounced back to you. if you sent it from your own email account (rather than ‘Replied’ to the payment notification you had) and put something sensible as the message title, I wouldn’t think it would have ended up in a junk folder.

Maybe they just don’t check that email very often. We are into holiday time now. I’m sure they’ll get in touch soon when they don’t get their purchase!

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Oh, and how about setting up the ‘Variations’ feature to prompt for sizes and personalisation? I believe that if this is set up, you can’t complete an order without filling in the ‘must specify’ fields?

Thanks for all your replies, and thanks @FluffStuffCrafts for the stripe instructions. The buyer actually got in touch with me as she didn’t get an email confirmation of her order - a glitch perhaps with folksy ? Anyway this has allowed me to finally get in touch with her !!:slight_smile:

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great idea ! :slight_smile:

@Nanfan A messaging system on site would only help for people who have a Folksy account though, not for guest buyers.

Another question about Stripe - (im only used to paypal!) can you send money requests from your stripe account as the buyer wants one of the items sent ASAP , and the ring I will have to send once I have made it , but she said she would pay for the extra postage. Anyone know if you can and how to do this ? What a kerfuffle! :roll_eyes:

ok yes I can ! ignore my last request - panicked a bit :smile:

Can guest checkouts not go back to see the order they placed?

I’ve never bought from here as a guest so I’m not certain, but I can’t imagine how that would be possible (maybe immediately after they’ve purchased, but not after some time).
How would the Folksy system know it’s the right guest looking at the site to show them the order details/message? You can’t just show that sort of information to anyone who views the site from the same IP address/device because it could be a public computer with shared access.

When I buy from a website as a guest I normally only get the order information in an email. To go on a website and view my order details I always have to log in to my account.

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