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How to get views on a revamped shop?

Hi lovely lot!

We are currently in the process of revamping our Folksy shop; new products, bettr photos, more options to personalise, but how do you (after all that hard work) get people to see it? We have not been very successful selling on Folksy but I am not yet ready to give up on it. Any tips on what worked for you would be great!

Thanks and have an awesome day!

Elske x

A promotional push via social media is always good, whet people’s appetites with behind the scenes of photo shoots and works in progress and then later on post about the new products with the restyled photos (it might be worth installing a ‘shop now’ button on facebook and then not mentioning words like ‘shop’ and ‘sale’ in your posts as this can limit your reach). Joining in with the promotional threads here on the forums is also another option - people share each others work via their social media so their followers get to see your work.
Now to possibly put a dampener on your enthusiasm - the jewellery category is very crowded here and on other shopping platforms so it takes time and lots of promotion to get your shop ticking over.

There are lots of tips on the Folksy Blog about how to get your work seen. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a read. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I didn’t think of the shop now button, good idea!

Yes, we are aware about the huge amount of competition we have, but nothing
like a good challenge :grin:


Thank you, will definitely have a read :grinning: