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How to show Custom Order colour options?

(Kate Green) #1

Hi, I’d like to show an image with the colours of yarn that people can choose from for custom orders. It would be good to put it in the ‘buying from me’ box but it only seems to take words.
I thought I’d add it as a listing (as I’m a Prime member, so list for free) but I would have to put a price on it, which would be confusing as it’s more for information than an item to sell.
Any advice?
Cheers Kate

(Roz) #2

Maybe you could add it as one of the photos in the actual listings unless you are already need all five to show the item. That way people would see the options when looking at the item for sale - people don’t always go to items via your shop so may miss it otherwise.

(Kate Green) #3

Good point. I tend to use all my photos but maybe need to juggle things. I was hoping to avoid having to add a photo to every single listing!
K x

(Helen Smith) #4

I have to do this for my ffflowers shop, I have the colours as a ‘collage’ photo on the listing. Be warned though, some buyers still forget to tell you which colours they want so it’s a good idea to have a default colourway in the main picture and say ‘if you don’t tell me otherwise I’ll send x’. To be fair, I do still contact buyers who forget to tell me but that way I can still send the order with the default colours if I don’t hear back from them.