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I have finally realised what my blog is for

(Heidi Meier) #1

Well it’s taken a year but I have finally decided what I want to use my blog for. I’m going to use it to explain a little bit about what inspires me and the thinking behind each design (or a selection of them…) There’s no other channel that really fits this - twitter/ Facebook/ website so that’s what my blog can be primarily about.

If you’ve a spare minute, I’d love you to pop over and have a read. I’ve started with a recent design called Stranger on the shore, which for me is is quite evocative as it reminds me of the wonder of discovering new things when you are a child, something which we tend to lose as we grow older and ‘wiser’ and experienced…

The link is

Now its just Twitter to get my head around!!

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Such a nice idea, great to read. As a reader Id also like to know what materials you used to make the picture.
I started a blog about a year ago, still havnt got to grips with what it could do for me, but I enjoy it and tend to waffle on a bit.
Twitter is easy, if I can use it Im sure you can.You can also add your blog link to Twitter.

(Heidi Meier) #3

Thanks for letting me know. Materials would be a great idea for a post on its own, as well as incorporating into posts such as the one the morning. I’ve written the next one already (about a wedding themed picture) and funnily enough that was inspired by a length of trimming! I’m quite random in that I get inspired by the most insignificant thing, and that thought then grows and becomes something completely different! PS I’ll also investigate the Twitter link too. Thanks