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I have to keep signing in

(Diane Keeble) #1

I keep having to sign into Folksy, sometimes more than once in a day, even though I tick the remember me option. This has started recently and is a nuisance. Any ideas why?

Di x

(Roz) #2

I am often asked to sign in, even when i know i am already signed in but if you look at the sign in page there is often a menu from which you can select your dashboard/shop etc without putting in your login details again.

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

It happens to me most days, I always tick the box but it still fogets me :frowning:

(Diane Keeble) #4

it’s not just me then!

(Christine Shephard) #5

I have 2 shortcuts set up on my toolbar - one to the Folksy front page, and one directly to my shop. The front page shortcut remembers me every time, and brings up the links to dashboard etc, whereas the shortcut to my shop never does, I always have to sign in. So I always use the front page shortcut - it’s only one click more but less hassle :smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

Me too.
Also on here when i click to view a post, I then click the back button and it takes me to the home page rather than the list of posts on the forum.

(Diane Keeble) #7

I have more than one shortcut but they are all forgetting me at the moment.