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I just noticed a 'Gifts for People who are a little bit Rock and Roll'!

So I just noticed this today ! looks fun :slight_smile:

I’d like to seen what else you might have that’s a bit “Rock and Roll” ( because I like that kind of thing )

I have this …

Hi Dawn
I love this gift category too! I have a card for people who are a little bit Rock n Roll called ‘Wild Thing’ in my shop!! I made it for Valentines Day but as it’s blank inside, it could be given at any time.
I took a look at your shop & favourited some of the items you have on sale. Many thanks for favouriting the cushion covers in my shop!

‘Wild Thing….’ polka dots & cherub Valentine’s Day card

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I love the names given to the Folksy categories.

fabulous card!

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My original artwork of PJ Harvey is a little rock and roll!!

I think my cosmetics purse fits nicely in here! . . .