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I still get a buzz

(Caroline Perry) #1

I still get a buzz when I see customers sharing the gift I’ve made on Facebook and saying where it’s hanging and how much the person lived their gift.I still get that warm feeling after all these years

(Illustration + Ceramics) #2

When someone buys one of my pieces as a present and tells me later that the person lovesit, i am overjoyed. So i know exactly what you mean!
Mecki :u5408:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #3

Me too! I sell guest books all over the world now - which gives me a buzz in itself. But when someone takes the trouble to send me a thank-you message and/or photos of the item in use, then I feel thrilled to bits!
It’s hard work to create a custom item and do all the too-ing & fro-ing with the customer etc. So rewarding to get their appreciation at the end!

Love the embroidery there btw - so cute!


(Caroline Perry) #4

Thanks Lizzie, This is my latest make & as you can see is personalised for the baby.
Mecki it’s like Christmas.I know it’s stupid but I get a warm feeling I Christmas morning when I know that someone has opened a gift that I’ve made,like my keyrings.But then again it could also be the mulled wine I usually start at 7:30am!!!

(Yvette ) #5

Me too, people are getting into tea cosies and it is really nice when i get a custom order for a cosy as their mum, friend etc are into flowers, animals etc. They make unique fun gifts and i get really happy when i get a email saying that they are so pleased with their cosy.