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Ideas for housewarming gifts and cards please!

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(StripesAndMarble) #244

Magnets :slight_smile:

(StripesAndMarble) #245

Some More :slight_smile:

(Richmakes) #246

Hello I am new to Folksy and have just recently listed my cast concrete letters, they’d be ideal as a new house warming gift to brighten up any shelf or windowsill and are even suitable outside for the Garden.
It would be great if you would be able to feature my work in your gift guide. and would appreciate any feedback or advice on improving my listing to appeal.

kind regards
Richard Andrzejewski

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(Emma) #248

(Ellen Green) #249

(Emma) #250

(Grace Knitwear) #251

Knitted blanket great for snuggles!

(Grace Knitwear) #252

Knitted chevron grey and yellow cushion

(Emma) #253

A pair of pretty coasters…perfect for protecting your furniture :smile:

(Richmakes) #254

Hi these silver leaf concrete letters are great for shelf or tabletop ornaments. Not just for weddings. Can be highly personalised with a customers name or favourite phrase.

(ElefooandFriends) #255

This frame would be perfect as a house warming gift :slight_smile:

(Emma) #256

Sausage dog coasters to brighten up the home :slight_smile:

(Helen Healey) #257

(Imapico) #258

Small decorative silk cushion with an elephant print:

(Imapico) #259

Small silk cushion with a peacock print:

(Imapico) #260

Small silk cushion with a tree of life print:

(Annie Storkey) #261

I have a wide selection of class coasters to suit various tastes (and a 10% discount code APRIL2016)
Here’s a sample:

(Elaine Briars) #262

We have a selection of tea cosies including this colourful flower one: