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Ideas for housewarming gifts and cards please!

(Sarah Eves) #303

A little bit country.

(Kate Adams) #304

Our Pink Champagne & Pomelo Scented Soya Wax Candle

(Emma) #305

(Claire Woodhead) #306

Small crocheted blanket

(Kez Allen) #307

(Thecardjeanie) #308

Key of the door…

Jeanie x

(Squirreland Tiffin) #309

Hi Camilla,

After my Norwegian adventure and a chance meeting with a plumber I am now making again!
I have a totally new range coming along with copper piping and wanted to share them with you for consideration for the gift guide.
I need to rephotograph them but thought I would show you them on this thread.

Thanks for looking!
Speak soon
Linzi x

(Emma) #310

How about these cloud coasters :slight_smile:

(Marg) #311

A delightful cottage cross stitch hoop art.

(Annie Storkey) #312

(Thepricklypincushion) #313

(Jane Paveley) #314

Flowers to hang on the wall

(Alison Mackenzie) #315

New home card listed today.

(Annie Storkey) #316

(Helen Healey) #317

Appliqued cushions.

(Sarah Eves) #318

New home.

(Thepricklypincushion) #319

(Rebecca Kemp) #320

Hi, I crochet pieces for the home like placemats and coasters, but I think that crochet bowls made from wool and string would make a lovely, unique gift.

(Julie Maginn) #321

A bright colourful gift for a new home!!

(Alexandra) #322

Here is a cheerful blank card to brighten a new home!