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Ideas for housewarming gifts and cards please!

(numbersixteen) #423

(A Cupfulof Cake) #424

Fondant icing Moving House, New Home cupcake toppers !

(Lynn Britton) #425

A pretty throw

(Beaniehats) #426

(Martine Brumwell) #427

A story about two little mice, who move house. Sally and Benji are moving house and they don’t quite know how they are going to fit all of their belongings into the removal van, until they start to give their things away and realise that all they really need is each other.
A cute little gift for anyone moving house instead of a card.

(Sharon Cleghorn) #428

A print of an original piece of artwork to brighten up their new walls :sunflower:

(Emma) #429

Coasters sets :slight_smile:

(Roxanne Levy) #430

How about this book folded hedgehog?

(Sarah Eves) #431

A patchwork floor cushion.

(MilesByDesign) #432

Here are some of our Housewarming gift ideas.

(Stephanie Short) #433

Easily made into a new home card

(Eileens Craft Studio) #434

A lovely housewarming card

(Sarah Eves) #435

New home.

(Helen Fitzjohn) #436

A cockney themed new home card from me…:smiley:

(Sue Beacham) #437


(Eileens Craft Studio) #438

A table runner for the table

(Eileens Craft Studio) #439

a Teapot cosy or a coffee pot cosy

(Sarah Eves) #440

A snoozy cat doorstop.

(Lara Sims) #441

Mouse New Home Greeting Card.

(Sue Beacham) #442

How about a painting