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If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be?

(Sally Lucas) #61

Hehe, just discovered how to like posts!

(Stephanie Palmer) #62

Hi everyone! This is such a great subject I felt I had to post. The one thing I have learnt is it’s not just the item your selling but how you present it too. Really nice gift boxes, picture frames, ribbon and wrapping can all make a difference to your sales at craft fairs so it follows that they are important on here to. I’ve just bought some jewellery gift boxes as I’d like to start making some more artisan and therefore more expensive pieces. Hopefully the sales will follow :smile:

(Jand M Country Crafts) #63

Andremakes ~ I comeplety agree with your post (this is my first ever message) i too have sold to friends however yet to receive a sale online. there are lots of good tips out there. Chin up we will get there :slight_smile:

(Dog As Pony) #64

If you love what you’ve made, keep believing it’s good. If it doesn’t sell go back to the drawing board and love the next idea… keep believing. Selling stuff is a lottery! Loving what you do is a great way to spend the day.

(Angela Demarco) #65

I have learned that just because I love something, it doesn’t necessarily follow that someone else will love it. But saying that, should I be willing to compromise and make things that are popular or “trendy”, or should I keep on going making the things I love and loving the things I make?

(Shirley Woosey) #66

Angela @moondaisies put a link to your shop on Forum Profile then we have an easy way to see what you make.

Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #67

I think the whole point of art and design is to be original and NOT make things just because they are trendy or popular. If you love what you do, keep right on doing it and loving it - maybe others will eventually catch up with your creativity and love it too. But if they don’t, at least you enjoyed making it! Anyone can follow trends, but only the really talented can create them.

(Angela Demarco) #68

Christine - thanks for that, you’re right of course. I think I expected instant success when I started selling my wares but it’s not that easy to get noticed in a marketplace where there are so many gorgeous things on offer. I suppose we all have days when we feel unappreciated and you just have to keep going and believe in what you do! link to my shop

(Angela Demarco) #69

Shirley, thanks I will do that (if I can figure out how!!)
Love your shop by the way
Angela x
link to my shop

(Shirley Woosey) #70

Thanks Angela. @moondaisies Love the little panda handbag in your shop.
You have a great shop too.

Shirley x

(Ms Cup Cake) #71

You are all very helpful and knowledgeable. I am aware I don’t promote a great deal …time constraints and all that …but when things don’t take off to any great extent it’s tricky to decide how much more time and effort to invest. Still, more time to experiment and perfect your craft!

(Indigocreations) #72

I’m really new to Folksy (as of yesterday!) and have found all your tips really helpful. Especially the ones about patience and newbies not knowing what to expect, and there being very little ‘passing through browsing’ customers. Definitely guilty of thinking this! So wondering what are the best ways to promote my page? Am not the most technowiz of the population so I may need it dumbing down a bit!
Jen @indigocreations

(Pizzazz You) #73

Thank you all for your tips. I loved, ‘This is a marathon, not a sprint’.I’m gearing up for the longhaul!

Kath @Pizzazz

(Ronald Koorm) #74

Totally agree that presentation is everything. The lighting of the object you are selling, the clarity, and the clarity of description all help. If you can introduce colour-contrast and visual contrast into the image, that helps. When I sell items on Ebay or auction sites I often photograph them against a velvet, or satin background. That can really make the object stand out. Viewers are impatient and will race through images because in the internet world, time is limited. so your objects really need to jump out.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #75

Branding and Packing - Credibility and professionalism is everything and people like it.
Fab descriptions and photography - It helps sell!
Approachability and Backup - Internet shoppers need to trust you and like it when you are friendly and they know you’ll be there for advice.
Discipline - make time to ‘make’ and time to 'chat and network’
Patience and a head for business !..If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Do it for fun, but don’t undersell yourself either…

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #76

Yesssss!!! SO true!! And a good set of postal scales! I feel so smug when I can quote several kits to Outer Mongolia! Lol!!!

(Astrid Huxham ) #77

Folksy is way better than Etsy and more fun. Etsy is to stiff !!

(Astrid Huxham ) #78

That is really good advice!!!

(Astrid Huxham ) #79

Make lots of things to sell and keep your shop well stocked!!

(Detola and Geek) #80

Have clear photographs so that shoppers can see what your product really looks like. I usually take one image that is 'Up Close & Personal so that they can see the textures, colors etc. I try to do atleast one that has a white or clear background (Still image) and another with it being used (Lifestyle image)

Fill your shop up. I have only just recently opened on Folksy (my other one is full of items on etsy) so it is still a work in progress for me.

Describe the items listed quite clearly. I always have my ‘buyer hat’ on when I do this so that I am able to convey a very precise & clear message.

When sent message be polite, clear & respond the same day or at most within 24hrs. Offer custom made orders if it isn’t too much trouble to adapt. Customers always love having choices! Like offer different sizes, colours, shapes etc

Hope this helps a bit


Detola & Geek