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I'm a little wet behind the ears!

(thepalletcompany) #1

Hi Guys, I’ve been building my little business up for the past 3 years and have finally taken the plunge into self employment Eeeeeek.
I have a site at its currently linked into facebook but i will be changing that in the next couple of weeks. I’ve just added a couple of items for sale but i was wondering what kind of things actually sell well on Folksy? I usually make bespoke furniture and this is definately a new avenue for me. Any advice would be amazing…

Thanks, Karl

(Jan Ryan) #2

Hi Karl, welcome to Folksy. You can pop your facebook link in your shop settings and if you have a blog or twitter you can add them too. Folksy has a FB page too.
As for things that sell well??? there are so many diverse shops on Folksy it’s difficult to say. I think it’s a case of research and finding your market.
I like your bottle and wine glass holders, I think you would reach a wider audience if you offered different colours, is that something you could do?
Good luck :smile:

(Sally Eira) #3

hi karl,

just a few thoughts - you could maybe fill in the ‘meet the maker’ section where you can say a little about yourself and perhpas how you work etc.

also - you can put a link to your facebook page on your folksy shop (it will appear at the top of your shop by your name).

there is wide range of products on here and you can view the top sellers each week on here to see what sells well - i can’t remember the link but will try and find it !
i hope that this helps.

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(Natalie Stead) #4

i love your little tooth fairy doors… :0)

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(Natalie Stead) #5

Just had a little nosey at your facebook page and give it a like, its lovely to see another up cycler on here. I love what you do, you seem to have a similar brain to me lol :0)

(Jan Ryan) #6

Thank you :mushroom:

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