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I'm back to Folksy but having trouble with this forum

(Tracy Stevenson) #1

I’m rubbish with this forum. This was my only method of communicating starting my own topic so I apologise. It might be because I’m using my phone but I just can’t see how to respond to the topics.

I’m a football widow to so I’m having a go at chatting with some of you as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I have just re-stocked my folksy shop. I make jewellery and my day job is also working with jewellery…a company called DCK which stock Boots D.p’s matalan etc. You think I’d be sick I’ve the sight of it…but no lol.

I live on a farm in Norfolk with my three sons and of cause my other half who I’ve been with 25 years last Feb! Less for murder…yes heard it before ha ha :joy:

I hope if I have anything to share I can come chat to you all.

Tracy :hugs: x

(Samantha Stanley) #2

Pleased to meet you, Tracy! You can chat about absolutely anything you like here in the Forum. Use the topic headings to make people more likely to join your thread. It doesn’t have to be about craft (that’s Craft Talk) or selling (Shop Talk). You can use Showcase to show off your products on a theme and other people can join in with similar products, or just talk about things you are generally interested in Fancy a Cuppa! Just select the topic from the drop down menu when you create the first post.

Sam x

(Brenda Cumming) #3

welcome back…I don’t like football so here I am instead x

(Tracy Stevenson) #4

Thank you Sam…nice to meet you too :grin: x

(Tracy Stevenson) #5

I don’t like football Brenda but I will watch the England game tomorrow. Eastenders is on late…but at least it’s on x

(Amberlilly) #6

Hello… :wave: not fans in this house, but we are watching the semi finals and did watch England beat Sweden.

(Tracy Stevenson) #7

Yeah we watched that one too. We went to our local pub to watch it as they had a marquet and big screen. It was nice to see everyone so happy when they won. X

(Natalie Ofkants) #8

Hi, I actually am watching the football, lol, but as a woman, I can multi task, so am Folksy-ing and supporting the football and wimbledon too, lol!

Love the bumble earring by the way!

Natalie x

(Tracy Stevenson) #9

Ha ha us women are always multi tasking! I was cleaning the kitchen while listening to Peter Kay on you tube! He’s so funny…
Everything he says I can relate to lol. Aww and thank you…i love them too x

(Christine E.) #10

Hi Tracy! I’ve been on Folksy for years. Long ago, we used to chat about all sorts of things. I remember asking whether people thought my 4-year-old Granddaughter should be given homework and got some interesting replies from “bless her, she shouldn’t be in school at all” to “get her used to it, it only gets harder”!
There was a thread about recommending a film, which I enjoyed, and lots of other random things.
Unfortunately, people don’t seem to have time to “Have a cuppa” any more and the forums are mostly about promoting.
It would nice to have more cuppas!

(Sasha Garrett) #11

My partner asked me the football result last night so he could tell if his european team members would be in a good mood or not and I had no idea of the score and wasn’t entirely sure who had been playing! The stage results from the tour de france I knew (today’s prediction is a win for either Edvard Bosen Hagen or Thomas de Gent) but football meh!

(Gill Wootton) #12

Pleased to meet you Tracy your earrings are all very pretty have favourited a few, have also followed on Twitter.
No football here so pleased to say my OH doesn’t like football either,he loves watching the rallying. We are both enjoying watching the tennis at Wimbledon.
I get really annoyed watching the news when they keep saying the whole nation was glued to their tv’s etc. In fact we have stopped watching now the Thai children and their coach have been rescued. The news is all about ‘the football’ and Brexit and I am sick to the back teeth with both of those :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Gill x

(Tracy Stevenson) #13

Hi Christine…i love talking about anything randem that’s happening that day lol so I love the Cuppa Chat! :grin: It seems so confusing to use now on here…years ago I’m sure it wasn’t as complicated. I’m just back from sports day at school my son and his dad both came first in their races. Im sure i will be hearing about that more times over the coming week :joy:
Tracy x

(Tracy Stevenson) #14

Football is rubbish really Sasha. Everyones hoping England win as next monday will then be a bank holiday (apparently) I’m not sure how true that is but im sure I would still be working.
Tracy x

(Tracy Stevenson) #15

I know what you mean…everyones obsessed with the football. If they get through to Sunday football fans will get drunk and wrecked whether they win or not! That’s the bit I hate about football. I am sat watching it now but I’ve washed up and put a load of washing in the machine so it’s not changing my life much ha ha. I’m so glad they got those boys out. Sadly a man did lose his life. I couldn’t of gone through those small gaps, they did a great job. X

(Minerva) #16

Well, I must be good at multi tasking as I’m following football, Wimbledon tennis, listening to the radio, having dinner and finishing a doily in crochet for my flower pot. I do not get tired of following football, especially big events like Euro and World Cup. Some of the happiest memories of my childhood are playing sports and doing cross stitching while listening to football on the radio. No much has changed since then, except I’m doing knitting mostly and watching sports online as well.

(Tracy Stevenson) #17

I used to love cross stitching! Oh nooo Croatia have just scored another goal! I can feel the tension in my house I dare not even look at my other half! My mum years ago used to have her record player on while I was doing all kinds of crafty things as a child. I used to knit and use one of those dolly things that had four prongs at the top. My only niggle then was my mum used to play hot chocolate…i still can’t listen to that song Emmerlein :joy: x