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I'm furious with Folksy about Stripe

I had a message from Folksy yesterday that a customer had twice attempted to pay for an item in my shop (I sent him a Paypal invoice, but haven’t heard anything yet).
This morning I experimented buying something from myself from my other shop.
I went to checkout and was given a choice of buying with a credit card or Paypal.
I clicked on the Credit Card option and I just got a “Sorry, something went wrong” message.
I tried this twice.

I signed up to Stripe at the beginning, but cancelled when they demanded further proof of identity.
My “Status” still says “Connected”.

I want to know WHY the credit card option is even showing in my shop?
Who knows how many sales I’ve lost to people who don’t persevere? Who knows if I’ve lost this sale?

OK, so I should contact support, but I wonder the Credit Card option is popping up in other people’s shops when there’s no possibility of this payment method working.

Sort it out, Folksy!

Hi Christine. The error message you saw when you tried to buy using a card occurred because you had cancelled your Stripe account but Folksy wasn’t aware of it. This is an edge case that we need to protect against better. If you could give us an exact time that you tried to make the purchase then we can investigate and come up with a better way of handling it.

This isn’t an issue that will affect sellers who have not verified their Stripe accounts. In those cases, the buyer would still see the Pay by Card option and the sale would still go through. The error here occurred because the link between Folksy and Stripe had been broken.

We will add a notification to the seller dashboard and will be looking at a better way of handling this edge case. In the meantime, for any issues with Stripe please do contact our Support Team at

We’ve now turned off the option to pay by card in your Owl and the Pussycat shop. So if someone tries to buy something from you they will only see the Paypal option (this includes if someone adds items from your shop and another shop that is signed up to Stripe). Sorry it took a few days to get this sorted - it’s the first time we’ve needed to revoke a seller’s connection with Stripe but we now have a process in place.

Thank you, Camilla.

Not sure when I tried to buy- around 8.45 perhaps.

Same thing has happened with a few of us actually - When I no longer had a stripe account, it still said connected, so when I added a new Stripe account, I had no idea if the new one was connected or not as it said connected all along.
It turns out that the new account wasn’t connected, so I had to have an embarassing chat with the customer about having to re-connect card payments etc.

I also had a customer having trouble paying by card yesterday and it said on the order that they had paid by “alternative payment” in fact they hadn’t been able to pay - so I ended up having to send them a Paypal invoice.

I’ve had a good few Stripe sales that have gone through OK though. Not sure if there is a certain type of card they don’t accept or if there was a glitch in the system for my customer yesterday.

When I think of all the time that Stripe’s been running, I’m really upset to think of the sales I may have lost through being an “edge case” :angry:

When did you cancel/close your Stripe account Christine? The option to pay by card would still have been there until your Stripe account was actually closed.

I know you’ve had lots of trouble with your Stripe account @thedotterypotter and I’m so sorry. Did the customer yesterday try to pay by card via Paypal or via Stripe? Do you know?

Stripe I think Camilla as she didn’t have a Paypal account but I sent her a Paypal invoice in the end and she paid as a guest.
I’ve had another successful Stripe sale this morning though, so I’m not sure - hehe!
I know that you are doing your best Camilla @folksycontent and these kind of massive roll outs will inevitably have teething problems x

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I applied to join Stripe almost immediately, thought ‘That was easy’. It came up on my “status” that I was connected, so I thought that was it.
It was only a couple of weeks later that I looked at the actual Stripe page and it said that they couldn’t send funds until I sent further verification. That was when I decide to cancel. I got an email from them saying they were sorry to see me go…
October 27th, I see from a comment I made on the forum.
My “Status” still said ‘connected’ but I thought that was a little glitch.
I didn’t know it could impact my shop for over a month (and it’s lucky I found out about it today)

I would like to disconnect Stripe. I sell low value items and the fees work out dearer with Stripe then the Paypal micro account I use.

My status says it is connected and the credit card option appeared at checkout when I did a test purchase, but nothing happened when I tried to choose this option.

How do I get rid of this option please, @folksycontent, I looked at the Stripe dashboard but couldn’t see how.

Hi Amanda,

The fees should be cheaper with Stripe than with Paypal. You can see a breakdown of fees for payments with both methods in your seller dashboard.

Stripe transaction fee:
1.4% + 20p for transactions on European cards
2.9% + 20p for non-European cards

Paypal transaction fee:
3.4% + 20p of the amount you receive.

If you would still like to disconnect Stripe from your Folksy shop could you please email and they will be able to do that for you. We’re adding a notification to the dashboard about this soon.

@folksycontent I may be wrong but I think Paypal has a reduced fees rate for items under £5.

Ahh ok, thanks Sarah. Is that the case for your items @plumporridge? Do you use Paypal Micropayments?

I think the cost is academic if the credit card option in @plumporridge 's checkout is not functioning…

Hi Amanda. Me again. We’ve had a look and it seems like card payments are still set up and working for your shop. Could you let us know what happened, what you saw and when you saw it so we can investigate and see if there is/was a problem. Would you be able to email with those details and then maybe we could do a test purchase to make sure everything’s working as it should? If there is an error then that will help us discover what it is.

Hi Camilla, yes, as I initially said, I do have a Paypal Micro account and for that reason do not want to have Stripe as an option for payment to my shop. I will email support and ask to disconnect. Thank you very much for your help.

Ahh, sorry Amanda. I should have spotted that. Your Stripe account has now been disconnected from your Folksy shop and you’ll be getting an email from Support to confirm that too.

Many thanks Camilla, that’s great. Maybe I will sign up later on but for now I am happy with the way things are, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” !

Fees are more favourable with the Paypal micro account than with Stripe for sales a bit under the £5 mark. Above that Stripe works out cheaper.

I’m glad to report that my customer has paid for the item, but still can’t help thinking about the sales I may have lost during the whole of November.
Glad everyone (except me) is happy now.