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(JollySmall) #81

Looks good to me Ruth! I’ve started following you. I love your little dog
Di :grinning:

(Ali Millard) #82

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware #folksyhour on twitter tonight (8-9pm) is all about instagram :0)

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #83

That’s a shame I’m not on twitter

(Ali Millard) #84

I’d recommend twitter. It’s a great way to network and promote your folksy store, especially on Tuesdays between 8-9pm

(Rachel) #85

Bother wish I had seen this.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #86

I just found you Ruth.
My user name is beaded.treasures

(Rachel) #87

Did you post a thread about being able to sell via Instagram @Amberlilly - if not I was probably dreaming :smiley:

(Amberlilly) #88

Hi Rachel, yes I did. It’s called Inselly. I haven’t used it. I believe you take a picture while you are in the app and it immediately posts it to Instagram? X

(Rachel) #89

Thank you - not sure about apps, I usually have to check with a teenager (!!!) before downloading anything :smiley:

(Clare Blackledge) #90

Great tips. I’ve just started using Instagram too :slight_smile:

(Ali Joyce) #91

I’ve just found you and followed you - cute bunnies!

(Clare Blackledge) #92

Thank you. Now following you too!

(JollySmall) #93

I’ve found you both too!

(Emma) #94

I thought this might be helpful for newbies to instagram :slight_smile: a list of hash tags x

(Emma) #95

oh and here’s my instagram, I will find and follow as many of you as I can x

(Alison Sye) #96

Hi, I love Instagram and will look for you and follow. You can’t tag on there, but you can add the link to your Folksy shop on your profile

(Alison Sye) #97

love your work and am now following

(JollySmall) #98

Thanks for this Emma, it’s really helpful
Di :grinning:

(Sally Eira) #99

hi -
does anybody successfully use instagram on pc - ?

has anybody for example used ‘Bluestacks’ which i have read you can use for instagram on pc. thanks :slight_smile:

(Bee Skelton) #100

Just found this thread again. I’m not very active on social media usually, but I do find Instagram quick and easy to use. Lots of other interesting IG users out there :slight_smile: I’m looking at, and following here and will try to keep up. I’m here