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Insurance question

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Hi my Folksy pals. I have a PLI question for you.
I sold well at Xmas fairs last year, but I dont sell well during the rest of the year.
Ive been buying annual insurance for the last couple of years to cover the stalls but as I only really need it for a few months i was wondering if it was possible to get 6 months worth of insurance. I cant see a 6 month option with my current insurers, I will probabl email and ask.
Do you know of any insurers that have a 6 month option?
Any help appreciated.

(Ronald Koorm) #2

In theory that should be perfectly possible. You may end up paying a premium rate not far off the annual cost though. Try GM Imber, no guarantees, but they may consider your request and give you a quote. On the other hand, they might see it as too much hassle, it is really an internal policy matter. I think there are a lot of crafters out there who just want to do a few months during spring and summer. But the advantage of annual insurance is that you can make a decision to do a selling day or event at short notice as you are covered for the 12 months.

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Thanks for the info. Ive come to the conclusion, as youve said, that the price wont be much different. It just would have been handy to find a way to spend less as money is tight/non existant, and Im trying to find money for insurance and craft fairs. Its annoying as I cant do one without the other.