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Is an item still for sale until payment is received?

I sold an item last night, but so far have received no payment. However, the item is still showing in my shop, so I wondered if this is new and an item stays for sale until payment is received?

I believe items stay for sale until the customer goes through the check out procedure even if they have put it in their basket.

If it showing as sold, and you have an order for it, it should no longer be available in your shop - unless you have re-listed it of course.

Items are not removed from your shop until the order is confirmed by the buyer - and it’s very obvious when you are buying at what point this happens. If they then leave before going through checkout, it will show as sold but ‘awaiting payment’ on the order.

Putting an item in your basket does not create a sale or order, and the items will not be removed from your shop.

If you click on the item is it showing as ‘unavailable’ on it’s page? it could be that it’s still on display in your shop front but not available to buy (I hope that makes sense)

No, it was still showing available to buy. I contacted support, who were very quick to respond and agree it’s weird. They have removed it from my shop and I will contact the customer later to see if she still wants it and take it from there. I wonder if she had some sort of problem paying.

The weird thing is that I already sold this item, did not receive payment so returned it to my shop. Then sold it again later the same day (different customer), and as I said, no payment has arrived. So I have been trying to work out if it was something that I have done, but of course I’m totally confused now!

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