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Is it a scam

My hubby does have a folksy shop but doesn’t often venture into the forums. This is not a shop problem but on his laptop. He can use Google ok but if he tries Bing or MSN he gets this message (see photo) he can’t get rid of it has run security/malware but no joy. Has anyone seen this or had a problem like this. I am convinced it is one of those scam things that take over your computer but we don’t know how to get rid of it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

I did a quick google and there does seem to be a problem with MSN. Have you tried running Malwarebytes? That one usually finds the little suckers!

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It is 100% some sort of scam. If you call the number they’ll probably tell you that they can fix it all for a fee or say they need access to your machine to fix it for you. Definitely don’t do that! :slight_smile:

Not sure how you get rid of it though … although I did find this other forum posting where someone is having the exact same thing happen. It might be helpful:

Thank you it is the same problem have passed the info onto to him so hopefully he can sort it.
I knew the forums were the place to ask you are all a mine of information

Gill x