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Is it possible to deactivate listings on Folksy?

(Cupidand Psyche) #1

Just wondering if it is possible to deactivate listings here? Unfortunately after just resetting up my store after some time away, my printer has now decided to die! I’ve had it a long time and the computer I use to print my work from is also old and the programme I use I can’t get on newer versions of my computer (apple mac). Due to having to look into a possible new printer that will take card stock (not easy) as most now seem to have bottom and front loading paper trays. My current printer is a Canon that was top loading and bottom front loading, card stock would go in the top one sheet at a time fine. Also if they would even work on my antique mac mini! lol I have no clue so having to do some research.

Anyway, I will have to now take off all of my personalised items that use the printer, wedding cards etc but may be able to put them back if I sort something soon, is this possible to do? Or what are my options?

Other than that I may have to rethink what I make and sell so I don’t need a printer… suggestions welcome :smiley: I could handwrite but not as easy and I would be very picky with whether it looked good enough or not.

Anyway… main question was temporary deactivation?

Thanks in advance for any help

Yvonne x

(Thatenamelguy) #2

Will holiday mode not achieve what you want to do; or hide the listings?

(Little Ramstudio) #3

You can hide a listing from sale.
It’s under listings, the hide from sale button is on the top bar.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

You can hide those items there is a hide tab but I’m not sure how it’s done until you are ready to have them back on view in your shop again.

You can also put your shop into holiday mode if all your items require a new printer.

(Diane Burton) #5

If it’s only a few you can’t make at the moment then you can hide them (go into shopkeeping and click on the ones you want then click on hide) if it’s your whole shop then holiday mode might be better. Hope you get the printer sorted, we’ve just had to replace ours and as you say most are front loading but we managed to find a top loader in Argos (hp deskjet 2540)

(Cupidand Psyche) #6

Thank you ladies… it isn’t all of my items thankfully but the majority of what I have currently. I will go hide the ones I need to now.

Thanks again for you help :smile:

(Cupidand Psyche) #7

Oops and thank you non ladies in case enamel guy isn’t a lady! :slight_smile:

(Cupidand Psyche) #8

Found it and done, thanks again :slight_smile: