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Is non handmade stuff creeping in here?

Just spent all afternoon listing some of our latest creations onto our folksy shop. A couple of hours later i get my mobile phone to check the listings and happened to see that none of our listings came up in the ‘newly listed items section.
What we did notice is that within two hours of finishing our posting a seller had somehow managed to post multiple items of jewellery some priced as low as £2 ? .
Is folksy allowing mass produced stuff to be posted in bulk or is someone just managing to get it through the net ?
There’s room for all sorts of products in this world but if bulk listings of low price articles making it into the folksy market place then what chance have small home producers like us got to be noticed on here?
There’s some lovely products on folksy in many different materials so I hope they don’t start to dissapear under a pile of bulk listings.
Just sayin’

If you spot someone selling commercially mass produced items (that aren’t supplies) you can use the ‘report’ button that is found on every listing page to make folksy aware of this - if you can find the original producer of the item it helps strengthen the case against the seller (I do a reverse image search and that often finds them). You can also use the button to report overseas sellers and anything else that goes against the T&Cs (unfortunately these things aren’t checked before the listings go live so it is up to us to be vigilant and report them).
With respect to low priced jewellery some people chose to sell at cost or minimal profit because they love making and don’t want to fill the house with completed projects and yes I believe they could be selling items they have handmade for as little as £2. If you are seeing multiple items from the same shop in the recently listed section they might have just done a bulk relist of their shop (check the box at the top of the column to select all 40 items on the page and then hit relist its as quick as that). But as I said if you have any reservations about whether a listing (or the entire contents of a shop) should be allowed on folksy use the report button and then admin can decide whether it breaks the T&Cs or not.

Second Sashas answer and will just add that your newly listed items will only appear in the newly listed section on the front page very briefly until others new listings replace them - they certainly won’t stay for 2 hours or more. I believe it is set up to only include one listing per shop at any one time so multiple listings won’t show up anyway.