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Its nice to tweet

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I like to randomly interact with certain people on Twitter if they talk about things that spark my interest.

So today I got a tweet reply from comedian Rufus Hound. (I basically made him look at my shop, the poor guy had no choice).

Rufus Hound‏@RufusHound·4h4 hours ago
@SilentTheatre1 You make lovely stuff! I’m not a style match for it, but you’re ace!

Have you had any comments from TV peeps?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2


I only joined Twitter last week and only have 32 followers so far lol.

Have yet to start following famous people - but having fun having a nose around :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Twitter is great fun … Takes a bit of time to build up a following but I’ve been tweeting about 4/5 years now.

I’ve sold a few paintings and had lots of other opportunity via it, I’ve been featured in mags, been asked to guest blog and do product reviews and was even sponsored to make some videos of me paintings in the summer all via people finding be via tweet land lol

Don’t know if I’ve tweeted with anyone famos - I follow a few of my fav celeb’s but not many.

(Susan Bonnar) #4


I chat occasionally with Theo Paphitis - anyone who hasn’t tried for an #sbs win should - it’s a brilliant club to be in!

I have chatted with Russell Grant too when he was in Grease - I tweeted in the interval that it was amazing and he thanked me lol!

(Shine On) #5

I’m new to Twitter and don’t think I’m following any any non crafty types. Maybe I should

@GrimmExhibition How did you make him look at your stuff?

(Suzanne Francis) #6

Im not very good at twitter, though im starting to see it has more benefits than facebook. Been on facebook almost a year , twitter 4-5 months I think , and it seems to spark more interest especially since FB decided to limit who sees your posts, plus you don’t have to say to much as the word count is very small :smiley:

(Shine On) #7

Is your Twitter linked to your FB or Folksy pages @WashedandFound ? I found you anyway, but just wondered if it was a deliberate decision to keep them separate.

(Suzanne Francis) #8

no they aren’t linked, I’ve heard about it but im a techno - dunce! :smiley: for some reason folksy won’t accept my twitter account so I ended up putting it as my blog :confused: on my shop front

( Carol ) #9

I have a few famous followers:

Matthew Wolfenden from Emmerdale
Kurtis Stacey formerly from Emmerdale
Chris Choi ITV newsreader
Graham Cole formerly from The Bill
Simon Parkin ITV Meridian weather man

I have also chatted with

Gaynor Faye from Coronation Street
Matt Barbet from channel 5 news
Gemma Oaten formerly from Emmerdale
Laura Norton from Emmerdale
Samantha Giles from Emmerdale (and also from my home town!)
Natalie Gumede formerly from Coronation Street
Good Morning Britain (tv show)
Martin Lewis the money man

Get around a bit :smile:

I find twitter far better than facebook. I have been on facbook longer than twitter, have 752 facebook likes, 3296 twitter followers! I get lots of mentions, chat and retweets on twitter yet on facebook I talk to myself most of the time. Even doing giveaways or page shares on facebook wasn’t getting any interaction.

Last month I decided to give up with facebook. I still have my page but it is automated using my folksy shop rss feed so it automatically posts a link whenever I list or relist. I have stopped all chatty stuff as it really doesn’t get me anywhere anyway!

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

@ShineOn Hwas saying he will shop at places like Debenhams etc and I said how about he shops from little crafters and jokingly suggested he looks at my shop and buys everything in it.

(Silvapagan) #11

Yes! Robert Llewelwyn @bobbyllew (Crighton or however its spelled, from Red Dwarf), Rebecca Front the actress, and Philip Schofield (who put me back in touch with my long lost cousin too) :smile:

(Shine On) #12

Haha. Good for you, and good for him for replying. Just think, before Twitter it was almost unheard of to get this kind of celebrity interaction.

(Silvapagan) #13

So for everyone who joined twitter and followed people off the back of this thread, how’s it going so far?

I’ve been retweeting as many as I can when I see them, but I just wanted to mention that rociprical tweets are appreciated - and make the world go round! Equally, I’ve noticed that some people will RT something of mine, but not a yarn or pattern tweet of mine, even though I’ve just RTd an ad for them. Again, not totally cool or fair, especially if we are not selling the same kind of items.

(WaldiMint) #14

silvapagan - even when you are selling the same things - isn’t there room for us all? And with craft we are all slightly different :slight_smile:
I too find the same - I RT work of others (& this happens more with people with lots of followers) nothing in return - which is fine in a way - I don’t do it to get something back - I do it because I genuinely like the work … but just occasionally …it would be nice for the big guys to RT!

(Rosesworkshop) #15

Last year I stupidly got involved with one of these “follow you follow me RT everything” groups and filled my feed with thousands of “I’ve just listed this” tweets - yuk! I’m still clearing up after it :frowning:

Now I’m back using twitter how I did to start with: a few examples of my own work but not 50 times a day. I will RT other crafters occasionally, if it’s something I like, but not just for the sake of it. Also craft fairs or events local to me, maybe a pretty sunset photo, but never “this is my dinner” type stuff, and never ever anything rude or abusive.

(Silvapagan) #16

Of course, but I’d prefer a RT of my yarn or patterns, rather than some random comment I made 3 days ago! :smiley: And yes, like you I don’t RT solely to get RTs, but now and again it would be nice.

(Julie Grimes) #17

Absolutely! :slight_smile:

(Tina Martin) #18

Hi everyone, I tweet alot, enjoy it and I’m pretty sure that I’ve RT some of you before. I always try to retweet as many people as I can (time permitting of course!) I don’t think that I follow any TV peeps, maybe I should? Happy tweeting :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m Daisywings2 on twitter, hopefully see you there! :slight_smile:

(Yvette ) #19

I have one famous person following me Archbishop Justin Welby :smile: The vicar who was on GoggleBox also follows me and a DJ from Planet Rock.
I really should do more tweeting - and would love a few more famous folk on my followers list.

(iamHayley) #20

I go through Twitter phasrs, I use it both for my work, and for a rant or sharing opinions. I’d say my twitter claims to fame would have to be Kelly Osbourne RT my painting and replying to me.

And a little chat with Davey Havok from AFI. Very random indeed.

I’m @helloiamhayley over on Twitter