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iZettle Question

Evening! I have my iZettle machine and, although I haven’t taken a credit card yet, I’ve been putting through a few cash payments. Is there anyway that you can make the product disappear once it is sold from your product lists (I only ever sell one off products). It would make it so much easier than having to manually delete things after they have sold. Thanks, Anna x

I have no idea. When I set up the machine, I did see this product option but I don’t use it, I just enter the price and opt for this.

I have products set up, but not individual ones. So I have generic descriptions such as ‘A5 felt book cover’ or ‘large clutch bag’. If they are all the same price I can add a price to the product list, otherwise I just leave it as zero and add the price as I sell.

Oh right that’s a good idea. I suppose that would work for me?

Due to the number of items I have I simply have my products set up as ‘earrings £10’, ‘necklace £45’ etc which means that I don’t have to spend ages inputting a description of each item and then I don’t have to worry about deleting specific items once they sell. I write down a description of everything I sell separately for my own records so that I can keep track of it all. Sorry can’t help more than that.

Thank you everyone! I’m learning as I go … I think I’ll try deleting items as they sell, but maybe just add more generic names next time. I also like to keep a record of everything I sell, although I’m not sure why or what I’ll do with that information!

I put mine in generic categories, then use the manual entry bit for anything that’s one off. All my earrings are say £5, so I have that stored, but also write down exactly which ones have sold in a notebook