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iZettle- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Hello, sorry to create another iZettle related topic but I’m having problems with my iZettle.

I got a new tablet in order to hopefully take card payments though iZettle, now i know the website doesn’t specify the Tab 4 but it has the same operating system requirements that most of the other Android devices require so thought it might work- since none of the other Samsung tabs where in the shop. The App works fine, but the device itself doesn’t and it did something to my tab so sound was only coming out of one headphone. I took that tablet back thinking it might have been a problem with the tablet but it did the same with the new one. Luckily after waiting a few hours after a factory reset it came to its own again but I’m too scared to try the iZettle again on it.
Has anyone got it to work on their Galaxy Tab 4?

I can find the Galaxy Tab 3 at Argos but I don’t feel that it makes sense having to downgrade to get something to work…

I would contact iZettle support and ask them. They’re very helpful and may be able to fix the problem quite quickly, or at least let you know whether it is a compatibility issue.

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I’ve sent them an email, their call center is only open Mondays to Fridays to probably won’t hear anything until Monday :smile:
I was just curious to see if anyone else had problems/experience after a google search bought nothing up. :slight_smile:

I only set up my account yesterday but I am interested in following this thread. I am planning to just hook it up to my IPhone as I have a Chromebook and not too sure whether it will work with this as it definitely isn’t on their compatibly list.

I will be interested in seeing what happens with you, Lowri.

Ill be sure to write up what their response is for you @ManiacalMosaics
I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem and my dads worked fine but it is a bit of an odd issue. I’d have thought that a compatibility issue would just result in it not working, not causing my earphones to stop working. I’m just lucky it was under warranty but ill let you know what they have to say :slight_smile: maybe there’s a simple solution

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Lowri @twinkleandgloomart - Does your device work ok on your dad’s phone/tablet? Does his work ok on yours? They’re not linked to a specific account, so you could try switching.

iZettle simply noted that they can’t guarantee the device will work with devices that aren’t on their list but once I explained to them that the device had some sort of interference with the way the tablet worked they forwarded the info onto their development team.

I purchased a different tablet, one off their list and it works fine. Please take care using the device with tablets not on their list (even if the operating system is the same as the others), the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 doesn’t seem to get on with the iZettle yet. But it seems like a fantastic product as long as your device is compatible. I’m looking forward to getting mine out at the Christmas fairs :slight_smile:

Oh I was getting excited about using it, I will be using my Sony xperia, where do I find the list @twinkleandgloomart :blush:

Here’s the list:

The free one seems to be a little more choosy, but the pro one seems to work on most devices. :smile:

There are lots of Sony Xperia’s listed :smile:
I’m not saying things not on the list won’t work by the way- I’m just saying from my personal experience I’d use with caution. Some people might be lucky and find it’s work perfectly, my experience might be rare :slight_smile:

Thxs, unfortunately mine isnt listed, will need to do a test I think before I use it proper!