June 2015: What we've been working on at Folksy HQ

Our June update has been published on the Folksy blog:

Please have a read and add your comments or questions for @JamesB in reply to this forum post.

Thank you!


Completely misready the paragraph on google PLA’s first time round thanks to the fact that API means ‘active pharmaceutical ingredient’ to me because of my years working as a chemist, I had visions of the folksy office turning into some sort of underground drug lab akin to Breaking Bad which would be an unusual thing to admit to.


This all sounds really exciting! It’s great that Folksy are working so hard for us, to help get our items found on Google searches. That should drive loads more traffic into Folksy and hopefully improve views (and we hope sales!) for all sellers.

I wonder what the “sekrit project” could be?

Thank you all!

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Sshhh… don’t tell people @SashaGarrett

PS. I actually have no idea what the “sekrit project” is either @LizzieMade. Feel a bit too embarrassed to ask @dougfolksy or @JamesB.

I remember about a couple months ago more people were submitting photos of their studios (me included) Are there going to be any new shops added to the front page, I keep seeing the ones that were first put on there, and no new additions.

Suzanne :o)

Yes definitely! It’s on my list of things to do @WashedandFound!! They’re coming, I promise.


that was quick! thank you, I was just thinking they may have been forgotten about, but it’s good to know they are still on the to do list :smiley:

They are almost at the top of my to-do list Suzanne! Hopefully they’ll be up next week. I’ll keep you posted!

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Arrgh! Reminder to self, Photograph Studio and send to @folksycontent !!!

A thank you from me as well for all the hard work of the Folksy staff. I think it will benefit everyone eventually as more sales for the sellers means more profit for the peeps at Folksy :slight_smile:

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The blog is great showing all the studios and new faces…but I still haven’t seen any new ones on the front page yet :neutral_face: