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Just back for a brighten evening

I went to a Evening with Jonathan Veira the renown Baritone not only is he a famous opera singer he does smaller one man shows where he sings not just from the opera’s he’s starred in but does jaz, blue and other music styles in song and via piano. He also tells funny tales from his life.

The music was amazing and he’s so funny. We even got to spend some time chatting with him, his sister and wife.

I remember the first time I heard him sing. I turned on the TV and this voice just jumped out at me and held me spellbound. I’ve no idea what opera it was he was singing in but it was one the ones the BBC had done a live recording of.

If you get the chance to see and hear him in one of his Evenings with Jonathan Veira, I say go for it.


Pleased to hear that you had a lovely evening, sounds great, I shall have to google Jonathan Veria and have a listen :slight_smile: