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Just received an email from these people

Has anyone heard of these people

yes, its a new handmade items marketplace,based and located in austria. Looks good

errmm never heard of them. Just had a look at their website and it’s all in dollars so I guess it’s based in the USA but says it’s Global however I can’t find any information on their address. It says NO Sign Up Fee - NO Listing Fees - NO monthly fees so makes me wonder how much their commission is and it doesn’t say.

Seems you have to sign up to get that information which I find a bit suspect.

The say it’s a Auction site so not the sort of thing I’d do with my handmade items there’s ebay if I really wanted to go the Auction way. It also says it’s a market place??? So a wee bit confusing. I’ve looked at a few items and they all appeared to be fix price I think so what is this Auction site bit all about?

It doesn’t comply with EU laws just like Et*y doesn’t as it doesn’t show the shipping/postage price up front you have to find the shipping tab and then click to get the price.

Looks like you can only have one photo and who on earth buys on just one photo???

there are 5 images free, and you find everything on the site footer

I had a quick look at it but I don’t think I’ll be listing on there. They don’t have very many catergories for me to list in so unless they produce more then I’ll give it a miss for now.
I just found it strange when the email appeared in my inbox, that’s why I thought I would ask on here.

I’ve now found the bit at the bottom and found this statement
The basic cost of selling an item is the listing fee plus the sale transaction fee, plus fees for any optional features and services you may use. Yet in big letters on the site it says No Listing Fees ???

Good grief I’ve found their listing fee’s they are expensive :open_mouth:

plus it’s all in Dollars so that’s very strange surely it should be in Euro’s? but now I’ve found the address details its in Austria

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Where you find listing fees? i don´t see that

here you go via site fee’s then listings

and this under site fees - Stores

plus there’s another set under Site fees - Classified as well so lots of differing pricing structurers

I just set up a shop and put one item in there to try it out. I think it must be very new as I am the only shop showing under the supplies section. I guess it will be like Dawanda (Germany-based, if I remember correctly) - which I did not have any sales on! :o/

I too have a shop on D----a and haven’t had a bite in over 3 years. So I think I’m giving this one a miss.

I don’t think Folksy Admin likes us to discuss alternative sites on here. And who are you, Maximus? Anything to do with the site?..

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There are only like 30 items on the whole site when i looked. I wont be using it.

Good question. :slight_smile:

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I’m certainly not tempted to join them .