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Knitted Tea Cosies on Television

(Yvette ) #1

Who watches Gogglebox ? I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago when i got a random email saying that my tea cosy was on someone’s coffee table.
Now i am watching it, to look out for the tea cosies :smile: The lady who is on the programme has quite a collection of cosies, none are mine but they are really nice. My fave last night was a blue one with lots of flowers - so anyone who knits tea cosies should watch this, as you never know yours might be on there :smile: and even though it wasn’t my cosy i did get a few sales :smiley:

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Well done on yoursales. Yes, I watch Gogglebox and love it. Ive noticed the reliious lady has a number of tea cosys which catch my eye. It was a pineapple last night I think.

(Yvette ) #3

Thank you, yes it a strange programme, where we watch TV watching them watching TV - the posh couple make me laugh.
On Twitter i follow Kate Bottley the vicar, and she follows me then today i found out that the Archbishop of Canterbury is following me, Lol